Chapter 71: Anger, She’s Not a Bar Girl

Li Xiaoman glanced at Yang Limei and then at the glass of wine in her hands. She hesitated as she looked up at Li Changyuan and said in an apologetic tone, “Mr. Li, please excuse me, but I can’t drink alcohol, I…”

Li Changyuan’s face hardened before Li Xiaoman could even finish speaking, and he sounded displeased as he said, “I guess Miss Li doesn’t care if the company loses a client. I’m doubting the capabilities of the designers at your company, and I think I’ll switch to another company for this project.”

He seemed angry as he stood up and was about to leave the room.

Having seen this, Yang Limei immediately stood up to stop him and said respectfully, “Mr. Li, please don’t be angry, we definitely care about our clients.”

Yang Limei turned around and walked towards Li Xiaoman, then she whispered softly, “Li Xiaoman, clients are like God. If you displease Mr. Li and cause our company to lose him as a client, the loss would be enormous for the company. Neither you or me are able to afford this and pay the company back its loss. So for the sake of our company, just apologize and have a few drinks with Mr. Li.”

“You…” Li Xiaoman pressed her lips as she looked up at Yang Limei. She held onto her glass tighter, trying to hold back her anger; she didn’t expect that she had to use flattery to get her job done.

Designing jewelry was part of her job, but drinking to please clients was not; she was a designer, not a hostess.

Li Changyuan seemed angrier having seen that Li Xiaoman still took no action, and so he said, “Clearly, this designer doesn’t have respect for her clients, and that’s fine because there’s no reason to continue my cooperation with your company anyways.”

Yang Limei let out a quick sly smile as she heard Li Changyuan’s words, but she immediately looked panicked as she shouted, “Mr. Li, please don’t leave yet. We have high respect for you. I’ll make her drink right now.”

She quickly turned around towards Li Xiaoman and looked dead serious as she pleaded. “Li Xiaoman, I’m begging you. Could you please drink this one glass of wine? Just one drink would be enough. If you displease CEO Li tonight, both of us will be fired tomorrow and we might even have to pay for the company’s loss. Please help me and just drink this one glass of wine.”

Li Xiaoman could hear the pleading in Yang Limei’s voice, and she didn’t want to displease CEO Li because of her personal conflicts with Yang Limei so she said unwillingly, “Just this one drink then.”

With her eyebrows pinched together, she held up the glass and drained the wine in one shot.

Yang Limei smirked discreetly as Li Xiaomei finished her drink and turned towards Li Changyuan as she said smilingly, “Mr. Li, now we’ve both drunk the wine, so…”

Li Changyuan stopped acting angry and returned to the sofa. “What happened just now, I’ll treat it as a misunderstanding.”

“I always knew that CEO Li was the bigger person and would forgive our mistakes,” Yang Limei said to Li Changyuan as she pulled Li Xiaoman back onto the sofa.

She then poured another two glasses of wine for both Li Changyuan and herself. They continued to discuss some details of the jewelry for a while before Yang Limei excused herself for the washroom.

The bad feeling Li Xiaoman had felt before grew stronger as Yang Limei left room.

She looked up at Li Changyuan with a professional smile and said, “Mr. Li, excuse me but I also have to use the washroom.”


However, the moment Li Xiaoman stood up she felt dizzy and dropped back onto the sofa.

“Miss Li, what’s wrong? Are you feeling uncomfortable?” Li Changyuan asked with a lusty smile on his face as he moved closer to Li Xiaoman in an instant, and both of his hands started to move towards her thighs.

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