Chapter 72: Close call, my husband died a long time ago

“What… what are you doing?” Li Xiaoman shuddered. She put her hands against the red couch and tried to get up. When Li Changyuan saw it, he threw himself completely at her.

Li Xiaoman panicked and grabbed the bag next to her and hit Li Changyuan’s face. Then she got up in a flurry to flee out of the room.

Li Changyuan, who got hit, covered his face with one hand and seized her bag. He said with anger, “Miss Li, you’d better obey me. After all, I’m the biggest client of your company. If you anger me, I’ll make your life hell.”

Li Xiaoman struggled to grasp her bag. Glaring at him with anger and disgust in her bright eyes, she said coldly, “Let go of me! I would rather quit this job than obey you.”

She never thought she would actually run into an old pervert. Was this the so-called casting couch?

If this was the price for taking this job, she would rather quit it.

Li Changyuan glared at her with a filthy smile. “Miss Li, don’t act so innocent. We are in a nightclub.”

Then he jumped on Li Xiaoman once again.

Li Xiaoman dodged immediately. Her phone in her bag rang, but she didn’t have a chance to answer it. Her vigilant eyes fell on the wine bottle not far away.

She picked the wine bottle up hastily and looked coldly at Li Changyuan. “You… you’d better stop messing with me, or else…”

“Or else what? I don’t believe you dare to hit me.”  Li Changyuan smiled filthily and looked down upon Li Xiaoman. He reached out directly to snatch the bottle from Li Xiaoman.

“Stay away from me…” Li Xiaoman panicked and shouted with her eyes closed. In a panic, she hit Li Changyuan’s forehead with the bottle.

“Ah…” Screaming, Li Changyuan squatted down covering his forehead with one hand as blood flowed through his fingers.

Seeing him injured, Li Xiaoman threw away the broken bottle and stumbled out of the VIP box.

“How dare you! Stop!” Li Changyuan ran after her covering his forehead.

Being pursued by Li Changyuan, Li Xiaoman became even more panicked. She began to feel dizzy and stumbled mistakenly into another box.

There were about a dozen men and women in the box. The room suddenly quieted down because of Li Xiaoman’s intrusion.

“I’m sorry!” The strong smell of smoke made Li Xiaoman cough. She apologized awkwardly and then, as she was about to step out of the box, she inadvertently saw a familiar face on the couch. It turned out to be Huo Yunxi.

His shirt was unbuttoned and a scantily dressed sexy lady was sitting on his lap in a suggestive posture.

“Li Xiaoman…”  It was Lei Yang, Huo Yunxi’s friend, who broke the silence. He pushed the charming lady in his arms away and stood up. With one hand in his pocket, he stared at Li Xiaoman dismissively and said sarcastically, “Why are you here? Did you follow Yunxi? You are so shameless that you even followed him to the nightclub. Being a wife, shouldn’t you give your husband some space?”

Hearing Lei Yang’s words, Li Xiaoman, who was dizzy, narrowed her eyes and looked at him coldly. She never liked this man who loved to mock her. Birds of a feather flock together. Having him as a friend, no wonder Huo Yunxi became nastier.

She didn’t look at Huo Yunxi at all and said coldly, “My husband died a long time ago.”


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