Chapter 73: Deeply touched, here came Yong Master Long

Then, Li Xiaoman held her head with one hand and stumbled out of the box.

Hearing what Li Xiaoman said, Huo Yunxi was pissed off and pushed the sexy lady off his lap, as he yelled, “Li Xiaoman, shouldn’t you explain why you are here? Did you find out my whereabouts from my secretary and follow me here?”

Hearing that, Li Xiaoman clenched her hands into fists. Her bright eyes became blurry with tears, and she felt like her heart was being stabbed. She had almost got raped while her husband was here fooling around with another woman. Not only did he let his friend mock her, but he also confronted her. What the hell did she do to end up marrying such a guy!

Did he even have a heart?

She didn’t look back and didn’t even say a single word to Huo Yunxi. She bit her lower lip and ran out unsteadily.

“Li Xiaoman…” Huo Yunxi narrowed his cold eyes and stood up. He was about to go after her, but Lei Yang stopped him.

“Yunxi, what are you doing! Are you going to chase after her? She doesn’t deserve it!”

Huo Yunxi hesitated and narrowed his cold eyes. He didn’t follow out.

Li Xiaoman ran out of Huo Yunxi’s box, feeling even dizzier. However, at this moment, she saw Li Changyuan with one hand on his head down the hall looking for her.

When she saw Li Changyuan, she hurriedly turned back and ran. But Li Changyuan grabbed her by the wrist in just a few steps.

“Let… let go of me…”

Li Xiaoman struggled, but Li Changyuan clung to her wrist. His forehead was still bleeding. He looked at her with anger and said, “How dare you! I’ll sue you for that. I will terminate my cooperation with TE tomorrow; then, TE will suffer a massive loss.”

A cold and low voice came from behind. “If the cooperation is terminated, it is not TE, but you who will lose.”

Upon hearing this familiar voice, Li Xiaoman raised her eyes and found Long Sihao standing right behind Li Changyuan. His handsome face looked so cold as if it was covered by a layer of frost. He pressed his thin lips together tightly and presented an imposing aura.

“How… come are you… you here?” Li Xiaoman could not believe it. She stared at Long Sihao and suddenly burst into tears. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t hold her tears when she saw him.

The next minute, blinded by tears, Li Xiaoman only saw a handsome figure flashing to her side. After a loud “clack”, Li Changyuan screamed, holding his broken right hand and falling to the floor.

Long Sihao was so fast and fierce that Li Xiaoman didn’t even see how he did it.

She raised her eyes and looked at him. Her eyes filled with tears and emotions. She was deeply touched. “You…well…”

As she began to talk, her soft pink lips were sealed by Long Sihao. But, in just a second, his lips left hers. He kept his eyes on her closely and wiped off her tears with his long fingers.

He tightened his thin lips and blamed himself in a deep and low voice. “It’s over now. It was all my fault, I didn’t come in time.”

The softest part of Li Xiaoman was touched in an instant, and more tears gushed out. She bit her lower lip tightly and shivered slightly.

Seeing her in tears, Long Sihao suddenly took her into his arms and hugged her so tightly as if he was trying to make her a part of him.

Although feeling suffocated, deep down, Liao Xiaoman felt warm. She breathed in his familiar scent and gradually relaxed. She felt safer than ever.

Long Sihao realized she stopped shivering, and then he lowered his eyes to look at her. Imperceptible care flashing in his eyes, he stared at her with anger and said overbearingly but with undeniable concern, “Never come back here!”

He picked her up and carried her in his arms. He was about to leave when Huo Yunxi walked out of the box.

Gazing at each other, Huo Yunxi was shocked to see Long Sihao at first and then his eyes fell on Li Xiaoman in Long Sihao’s arms.

Remembering how Long Sihao kissed Li Xiaoman in front of him, Huo Yunxi glared at Long Sihao. “Brother, what are you doing here? Put her down, she is my wife!”

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