Chapter 74: A Head-on Confrontation Between The Two Men

“Your wife?” Long Sihao raised his eyebrows and his gaze became even deeper as he curled his thin lips. “I never thought of her as your wife,” he continued saying in an indifferent tone. “Life is long and you can’t be sure whose wife she’ll be in the future.”

“What are you trying to say?” Huo Yunxi seemed angry and confused with his eyebrows pinched together as he stared coldly at Long Sihao.

Li Xiaoman who was in Long Sihao’s arms also looked at him confused, she didn’t even understand what exactly he meant by those words.

Long Sihao didn’t bother to reply to Huo Yunxi’s question. He pressed his thin lips together as he turned around holding Li Xiaoman in his arms and walked away.

Huo Yunxi clenched his fists and stared angrily at Long Sihao and his voice sounded cold with a trace of rage. “Long Sihao, I only call you ‘Brother’ out of respect because you’re a member of the Huo Family, but you…”

Before Huo Yunxi could finish, Long Sihao paused and glanced coldly at him as he interrupted him in an indifferent voice. “I never considered myself as part of the Huo Family, so it doesn’t mean anything if you call me ‘Brother’ or not. If you find it hard to address me like that, then you don’t have to.”

“You…” Huo Yunxi squinted his eyes at Long Sihao. He felt angry but he couldn’t find anything to get back at him. He stared intensely at Long Sihao and his knuckles were cracking from clenching his fists too hard. “Put her down, or I won’t pretend to be nice towards you anymore.”

Huo Yunxi charged forward as he finished and tried to grab Li Xiaoman from Long Sihao’s arms.

Long Sihao curled his lips as he quickly stepped aside and avoided Huo Yunxi with ease; he then walked straight out of Jinhao Nightclub still holding Li Xiaoman firmly in his arms.

While Huo Yunxi jumped on empty air and threw himself onto the corridor wall.

“Argh…” He covered his nose in pain and looked in the direction that they left in. His eyes turned red from anger as he never felt such an aggravated feeling, Li Xiaoman was his wife but she was in someone else’s arms and they walked out so blatantly in front of him.

Did Li Xiaoman and Long Sihao really have something going on between them?

Huo Yunxi was about to chase after them when his phone rang and it was a call from Xia Lin. His brows pinched together in annoyance as he picked up and scolded, “What is it this time?”

“Yunxi… I… I’m at the hospital…”


After Long Sihao and Li Xiaoman left Jinhao Nightclub, he wanted to take Li Xiaoman to the hospital but she insisted on returning to Jade Garden instead.

Li Xiaoman was still dizzy and so she rested her head on the passenger seat as she observed Long Sihao who drove the car. “How did you know I was at Jinhao Nightclub?” Li Xiaoman asked him after struggling for a quite long time.

Long Sihao pressed his lips together and his hands grasped the wheel tighter as a trace of ferocity flashed across his brooding eyes. However, when his sharp gaze fell upon Li XIaoman, his expression softened a bit.

He reached out one hand and caressed her hair gently, his expression was soft as he smiled at her. “Our hearts are connected, so wherever you are, I’ll always be able to find you.”

Having heard this, Li Xiaoman looked up at Long Sihao’s attractive profile; he had a soft expression and his thin lips had curved into a warm smile. Her brows pinched together slightly as she was deeply moved by his words; it had sounded too much like an intimate talk between couples, except that she knew he was only joking.

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