Chapter 75: She’s About to Burst

Li Xiaoman lowered her eyes as her lashes trembled like butterfly wings, and it took her awhile before she said, “Boss, don’t joke around with me. How did you actually know?”

Long Sihao’s expression hardened in an instant having heard Li Xiaoman addressing him as ‘Boss’, his thin lips pressed tightly together, and his gaze turned sharp like a sword fresh out of its sheath.

He didn’t reply to Li Xiaoman’s question and drove in silence.

Although warm air was circulating in the car, Li Xiaoman still felt the coldness in the atmosphere.

She didn’t ask him again as he seemed like he didn’t want to talk, and this awkward atmosphere continued until they arrived at their destination.

The gem-black Rolls-Royce pulled into the Jade Garden; Li Xiaoman thanked Long Sihao as she got off the car and walked unsteadily back home.

She didn’t walk a long distance before Long Sihao caught up and lifted her up to his chest.

“Ah… What… What are you doing?” Li Xiaoman became flustered as she looked up at Long Sihao, and she blushed unknowingly while he still carried a cold expression.

Long Sihao looked down at her, and when his gaze fell upon her flushed face, his expression softened a bit.

He raised his arched eyebrows and his lips curled as he spoke in a low indifferent voice. “What did you think I was going to do? Don’t worry, I’m not a fan of outdoors. I prefer the bed better if anything was to happen”

“You…” Li Xiaoman’s face flushed up in an instant, and her hands gripped onto his shirt as she stared at him angrily. “Long Sihao, you’re so…”

“So what?” he whispered into her ear, and she could feel his warm breath embracing her eardrums.

“Nothing!” Li Xiaoman trembled as she ducked her neck and glanced angrily at Long Sihao. She turned her head away from him and soon realized that they were standing in front of the Huo Manor, and she was still in his arms.

Her eyes widened in shock as she pushed against Long Sihao’s chest. “Put me down!”

“Wait.” Long Sihao raised his eyebrows and his thin lips curved into an elegant smile. He lifted up Li Xiaoman’s hand and used her finger to unlock the door as he then carried her inside blatantly.

“You…” Li Xiaoman sucked in a breath as she hit Long Sihao’s chest lightly. “Long Sihao, put me down now, you can’t enter this place. If Maid Lin sees you, then I’ll never be able to clarify our relationship.”

Long Sihao narrowed his eyes as he glanced at her; his expression was calm and so was his voice. “I didn’t think that they needed any clarifications concerning our relationship.”

“Huh…?” Li Xiaoman looked up at Long Sihao confused as she didn’t understand what he meant.

While she stared blankly at Long Sihao’s jawline and pondered about what he meant, he had already carried her to the lobby and luckily, they didn’t bump into any ‘dangerous personnel’ on the way.

All the other maids had   home at this late hour, and Maid Lin, who was supposed to be the only one here, didn’t make an appearance.

Li Xiaoman regained her senses when she heard stomping sounds made by leather shoes.

She looked around and realized that Long Sihao was carrying her upstairs. She felt more like she was going to faint and her lips twitched fast as if she was about to burst.

Oh my God. He was heading upstairs with her, could he be any more presumptuous?

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