Chapter 76: She’s Almost At Her Limit

“Long Sihao, put me down now.” Li Xiaoman pushed at Long Sihao’s chest with both hands as she stared at him in alarm.

Long Sihao looked down at her, his expression unchanging as he lowered his head to her ear and said in a deep voice, “Do you want to have an audience to watch us? You can shout louder if that’s the case.”

Li Xiaoman went quiet immediately and she looked around as she gripped Long Sihao’s collar. With her face blushing, she said in a small voice, “What exactly do you want to do? This is my house, and it’s bad if anyone sees us together like this. Could you put me down now, please?”

She didn’t have a strong heart and she was almost at her limit. If Maid Lin saw him holding her like this, then it would be impossible for her to explain herself.

Had he forgotten that she was legally his sister-in-law? Was he not afraid of others seeing him carrying her around like this in the Huo Manor?

Long Sihao glanced at her and asked in a calm voice, “Where’s your room?”

“Why… Why are you asking?” Li Xiaoman was slightly stunned, her heartbeat quickened, and her eyelashes trembled from nervousness.

Long Sihao stared at her flushed face with his brooding eyes, and he whispered to her ear in a low tone, “Some things are more appropriate to do in the bedroom.”

“You…” Li Xiaoman sucked in a breath and her face flushed red completely. She got nervous and gripped onto Long Sihao’s collar tightly. “Long… Long Sihao… Don’t… Don’t fool around.”

Long Sihao raised his eyebrows as a trace of prankishness crossed his eyes and his thin lips curled as he said with an attractive tone, “I don’t consider it foolish to do this in the bedroom.”

His lips curved into a mischievous smile as he finished speaking, and he carried Li Xiaoman into the guest room farthest away from the main bedroom.

Li Xiaoman was already getting a headache from Long Sihao’s actions and having seen that he had carried her into her bedroom, she felt more like she was going to faint.

Would this count as her asking for trouble?

She gripped tightly onto his silk white collar and squinted her eyes as she asked him, “How… How did you know that this was my room?”

Long Sihao curved his eyes smiling as he put her down onto the soft bed. He then bent down towards her and said softly, “Instinct.”

Li Xiaoman stared at Long Sihao with alertness in her eyes and both of her hands pushed against Long Sihao’s chest as he bent forward. “Long Sihao, even though we did have a one-night…”

She clenched her teeth before she spat out the word ‘stand’ lightly, and paused a bit before she continued, “But that was an accident, so please forget about it.”

Long Sihao looked at her with his brooding eyes as he curled his lips and said, “I don’t see it as an accident; I think it was meant to be. Rest well, and you won’t feel the headache after a good night of sleep.”

Long Sihao bent down again and lifted her head up gently with one hand as he placed a pillow beneath it, and then he covered her with the duvet before standing back up.

He was very gentle, like a caring husband, when he did this.

Li Xiaoman blanked out for a moment having seen Long Sihao standing back up, she then looked up and asked, “You… You carried me into my room… so I could sleep?”

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