Chapter 77: The Malicious Young Master Long

Long Sihao slightly raised his eyebrows with a smile and leaned over. He lifted her chin up with his slender fingers and grinned imperceptibly.  “Other than sleeping, do you think there is something better to do in bed?”

Then he stopped. His dark eyes narrowed and flashed a trace of banter as his lips curved up a little. “I don’t think sleeping in bed is a reckless action.”

“You…” Li Xiaoman’s lips twitched and her breath was stuck in her chest in exasperation.

Her bright eyes blinked. “So, you meant sleeping literally? It’s not…”

“Not what?” Long Sihao lifted his eyebrows and stared at her. His lips formed a charming arch. “What did you think? You mean there is something better for us to do in bed?”

Li Xiaoman twitched her lips and blushed like a ripe cherry.

He teased her again, clearly, he misled her on purpose.

Though he seemed noble and elegant, he was so malicious.

She glared at him with anger and said indifferently, “President Long, thank you for taking me back. I feel dizzy, so I won’t walk you out, take care.”

Long Sihao stared at her for a while and then brushed her hair behind her ears and said in a low and clear voice, “Take a rest!”

Then he stood up and left the room.

Li Xiaoman frowned. He just left like that!?

Why did she feel something was missing? She even felt a little bit disappointed.

Still feeling dizzy, she covered her forehead with one hand. She was about to rest when her phone rang.

She sat up and took out the phone. She answered because it was from Lin Momo.

“Manman, where are you? Why didn’t you answer my calls? Did President Long find you?” Li Momo’s voice spread out from the phone with worry.

“President Long?” Li Xiaoman narrowed her eyes and then realization dawned on her. “Momo, I’m at home now, and I’m okay. Did you ask Long Sihao to look for me? How did you know I was in trouble?”

“I heard that President Li is a cheating husband and has lots of lovers. I was worried that he would take advantage of you, therefore I went to Huaxi Restaurant and found out you weren’t there. I kept calling you, but you never picked up. I was so worried that I contacted President Long and asked him to look for you.”

Hearing her out, Li Xiaoman’s eyes filled with tears and she was deeply moved. “Momo, thank you!”

The luckiest thing in her life was to have her as a friend.

“Well, silly girl, you are going to cry, aren’t you? I’m relieved to hear you are fine. You sound a little weak, take some rest, and I won’t bother you. I’ll call you tomorrow. Bye!”

Then Lin Momo hung up.

Li Xiaoman scrolled through her phone and found there were more than 50 missed calls and one unread text message. Among them, about 20 were from unknown numbers, a dozen from Lin Momo, seven or eight from Huo Yunxi and one from Lin.

Lin’s message said that her son was sick, therefore she had to go home to take care of him tonight and she’d come back tomorrow morning.

She checked the time; the message was sent two and a half hours ago, and at that time, she was still at Jinhao Nightclub.

No wonder she didn’t see Lin, since she happened to not be home.

She lied down for a while and felt a little bit thirsty. She was suddenly craving for fruit, so she got up and held the wall stumbling out of the room and headed downstairs.

She went directly to the kitchen, but she saw a busy figure. Her mouth and eyes grew wide open in surprise, beyond belief, as she looked at the handsome man who was chopping vegetables.

She was extremely shocked as if she saw a super alien.

Long… Long Sihao?

He… He was cooking!

No Way! She was so shocked and couldn’t believe it. She must be delusional! It was an illusion; it must be an illusion!

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