Chapter 79: How Do You Like My Figure?

Long Sihao lifted Li Xiaoman onto his lap and raised the bowl of congee to her lips as he attempted to feed her. He realized Li Xiaoman was ready to refuse his offer, so he moved his perfect thin lips toward her ear and lowered his voice. “Finish it quickly if you don’t want anyone to see us. Or else, I can’t guarantee that nobody will show up all of a sudden.”

“You…” Li Xiaoman’s pretty little face was flushed with shame and anger. She glowered at him, then forced her mouth to open and allowed him to feed her.

She didn’t want anyone to see how intimate they were, therefore the only way to get him out of here was by finishing her meal as fast as she possibly could.

Even though she was eating very quickly, almost panicky, she had to admit that Long Sihao was an excellent chef. His cooking skills were comparable to that of a Michelin chef at a top-rated fancy restaurant.

After she finished eating, Long Sihao was ready to wash the dishes. Li Xiaoman said she would help with that and entered the kitchen with those bowls and utensils.

Long Sihao followed her into the kitchen. His gaze bore into her, an elusive smile climbing onto the corners of his lips.

After she finished washing the dishes and tidied everything up, she turned to face Long Sihao and arched a brow, forcing a distant smile. “Well, Mr. Long, it is very late now so you should probably head back!”

“Mm-hmm, it is late, gotta sleep!” Long Sihao lifted his masculine eyebrows and gave her a glance with those sensual eyes. Then in two short strides, he lifted her up in his arms, walked out of the kitchen, and carried her upstairs.

Li Xiaoman came to her senses from the shock, her slender hands latched onto his shirt collar. “What… are you doing?”

Long Sihao glanced over her face emotionlessly and said in the calmest way possible, “It’s getting late, which means we are going to wash up and go to bed.”

Li Xiaoman gasped, then reminded him nicely. “This is not your house.”

Long Sihao lifted his eyebrows. A smile emerged on his handsome countenance as his deep eyes carefully studied her face. What he said next frightened every inch of her soul. “I know. This is my future wife’s ex-husband’s place.”

Li Xiaoman was petrified. Her brows grew to a tight frown. For a brief moment, she could not comprehend what he meant by that.

Until she heard the sound of the door slamming shut. Long Sihao had carried her into the guest bedroom.


She stared at Long Sihao in surprise. He put her down when she tried to cry out in protest. His lips were now beside her ear, he lowered his voice, and said, “I’m going to take a shower first.”

When he finished talking, he undressed right in front of Li Xiaoman. He tore off his white silk shirt and bared his entire upper body. His back was erect and muscular, his chest was sexy and broad, his skin was smooth and fair, tinged with shades of seduction. Every inch of his muscle was tight and tempting, there was not a tiny bit of excess fat on his slim waist. His figure was elegant and fit, the planes and angles on his body assembled together perfectly.

Long Sihao caught her staring at his body. A smile appeared on his lips, which curved upwards sensuously. “How do you like my figure, Xiaoxiao?”

Li Xiaoman snapped back to reality as she heard the sound of his captivating deep voice. She turned her back on him, her exquisite face all red and her heart rate accelerating, as she clenched her delicate hands together. “Long Sihao… Are you… Whoa… You…”

She stopped because she heard a metal clunking sound. A clunking sound that she was so certain of, even though her back was turned towards him, was the unmistakable sound of a belt unbuckling.

Her long lashes fluttered, her heartbeat was almost in her mouth, her fists clenched tightly, and she then shouted, “Long Sihao…”

She turned and saw Long Sihao heading towards the bathroom, wearing nothing but a pair of very, very tight briefs.

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