Chapter 8: Witnessed, Husband’s Betrayal

With rage, hatred, and sorrow in her heart, she dashed into the living room.

She was hurt again by what she saw on the living room sofa.

Necktie, dress-shirt, skirt, tights, heels and more were strewn on the floor…

On the sofa was her husband Huo Yunxi, all naked and making love to another woman, doing what they had never done after they got married.

Li Xiaoman’s body shivered in disbelief as she stared at the two with bloodshot eyes. Feeling as if she was in hell, she couldn’t stop teardrops falling from her eyes.

Her sudden appearance alerted the two on the sofa.

Both Huo Yunxi and the woman stopped moving and looked up. They were shocked to see that it was Li Xiaoman who had entered the room.

“Sis…” she said.

The woman below Huo Yunxi’s body was Xia Lin. Li Xiaoman felt as if a sword stabbed through her heart as she saw that it was actually Xia Lin. She was in so much pain that she almost couldn’t breathe.

She couldn’t believe that he was together with Xia Lin.

A trace of worry flashed by in Huo Yunxi’s eyes when he saw Li Xiaoman, but they were soon filled with shock.

“Why did you come back all of the sudden?” he asked in a displeased tone.

Li Xiaoman clenched her hands, and she stared at Huo Yunxi letting her tears fall from her eyes. She said in a cold rage, “I guess you don’t want me to come back?”

She never thought that one day Huo Yunxi would betray her.

Although he had been involved in a lot of scandals about kissing this actress today and dating someone else tomorrow, she had always endured it. She didn’t even believe any of those scandals because he never brought any woman home.

Even though she was disappointed by those scandals, she still had hope for him.

If she hadn’t witnessed this with her own eyes, she wouldn’t have believed that Huo Yunxi betrayed her.

Clearly, she was drugged last night, and the only person who could’ve done it was Huo Yunxi. Her husband was the one who planned this and caused her to lose her virginity to a stranger.

She wondered how much Huo Yunxi hated her, to the point that he wanted to ruin her like this.

The disappointment, sorrow, anger, and hatred hit Huo Yunxi’s heart.

His brows pinched together as he stared at her.

Xia Lin saw his expression held onto his neck and said, “Yunxi, can you… can you ask her to leave, I feel so embarrassed with her looking at us!”

Having heard her, Huo Yunxi glanced back to look at Xia Lin.

“Get out,” he said as he turned his gaze towards Li Xiaoman.

Li Xiaoman looked at Huo Yunxi, who seemed calm even though he had been caught in the middle of an affair. She sneered at him and stood there as if she didn’t hear him.

“Yunxi…” Xia Lin called out again, seeing that Li Xiaoman didn’t move at all.

Huo Yunxi turned to Li Xiaoman with a cold gaze. “I’ll say it one more time. Get out.”

As Li Xiaoman still didn’t make a move, Huo Yunxi started to lose patience and anger gathered in his eyes.

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