Chapter 81: Teasing in The Bed

As his words brought her back to her senses, Li Xiaoman screamed and lifted the quilt, tucking herself underneath. Her small face was bright red as she stared at him with fiery eyes. “What did you see?”

Long Sihao arched his masculine eyebrow as he leaped forward and leaned over. His eyes locked with hers as a smile quirked his lips and he spoke with a thick, mellow voice, “I didn’t see anything you didn’t want me to see.”

Li Xiaoman’s lips twitched. Who the hell answers a question like this?

Her pretty eyes narrowed with anger and shame. “Long Sihao, you…”

He didn’t wait for her to finish her sentence, instead, he lifted the quilt and tucked himself in beside her body and turned off the bedside lamp.

“You…” Li Xiaoman’s eyes became wide-open with shock as she gasped, almost biting her tongue. Her pretty face reddened with carnal shame. “Long Sihao, have you had enough fun already? Now, please, get out of here.”

When she finished speaking, Long Sihao turned around to face her. The depth of his gaze fixed on her as he said, “I’m serious.”

Li Xiaoman was taken aback by the seriousness in his voice. Even though the light was turned off, the room was pitch black, and she couldn’t see the expression on his face,  she could sense the fire burning in his eyes.

She lowered her eyelids as her lashes fluttered, and her heart was beating like a drum. “Long Sihao, please, don’t do this.”

She reached out to push him, but he grabbed her towards his chest. When she fought to struggle out of his embrace, his hoarse voice came to her ears. “Don’t move, or proceed at your own risk.”

To that, Li Xiaoman did not dare to move. Suddenly, her cellphone started ringing, startling her.

Her cellphone was placed right beside her. Her brows tightened to a frown and she grabbed her phone as Long Sihao released her, and by God, it was Huo Yunxi calling her.

Her eyes widened instantly and she almost fainted. Sweet baby Jesus, why play games with her. Her husband called when she was lying down next to another man? What the hell is this?

Why did she feel like she was cheating with another man when she hadn’t done anything at all?

She glanced at the gorgeous man quietly lying beside her as her fingers trembled around her cellphone. She had never been this nervous before, debating whether to pick it up or not.

Long Sihao saw her hesitation when she didn’t pick up her phone when it kept on ringing for a while. His lips tightened and he sneered at her with his deep gaze. “Why aren’t you picking up?”

“I…” Li Xiaoman frowned and let her cellphone rang on and on. When it rang for the fifth time, she finally picked it up.

And when she picked up her phone, the noises from her phone were filthy enough to make anybody blush.

The man’s heavy panting and the woman’s wild moans were composing a passionate melody, somehow sounding even more resonant and tantalizing in the dark room.

Li Xiaoman had a death grip on her cellphone, her bright eyes glittered with fury as she said coldly to the phone. “Huo Yunxi, you are so disgusting.”

And then she hung up. She held her slender hands together as her eyes turned foggy and wondered, what kind of man did she marry? Did he have to humiliate her like this?

He called her just to let her hear exactly how he and Xia Lin were having sex each other in bed.

She felt something tightened around her waist as Long Sihao dragged her in his arms. Her hands pushed against his chest and she grunted. “Let go of me…”

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