Chapter 82: Angry, Get Up

Long Sihao not only didn’t let her go, he held onto her even tighter. His deep and clear voice entered her ears. “If I let you go, someone else will hurt you. I will never let go.”

Then, Li Xiaoman looked at Long Sihao blankly. Although she couldn’t make out his face clearly, she could tell that when he said this he was dead serious.

Her mood slowly calmed down. Stretching out her hand, she gently pushed at Long Sihao. As calmly as she could, she said, “Mr. Long, thank you for helping me today, but it is really late. You should head back.”

She paused. Long Sihao did not reply. It was a little while before she could clearly hear Long Sihao’s even breaths.

She took in a breath and the corners of her mouth cramped. He had fallen asleep!

In disbelief, she nudged him. “Mr. Long… President Long…. Boss…. Long Sihao…”

No matter how much she shook him or called his name, Long Sihao wouldn’t respond. Her eyes narrowed, and just as she was about to push herself out of his embrace, Long Sihao suddenly hugged her tightly. It was like his arms were made of iron; no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get out from under them.

She struggled for a while, but instead of escaping from his arms, she got herself in a tighter embrace.

As she struggled, she felt something swell up and poke into her abdomen. She could only stay rigid and didn’t dare move another inch. She was forced to listen to Long Sihao’s even breathing and his powerful heartbeats.

Her head was already dizzy, and when she calmed down, it had gotten even worse. After staying in the same position for what seemed like forever, she could no longer stay awake and drifted off to sleep.

In a daze, she could feel someone helping her get dressed.

  • Next Day –

The sun rose, with its golden rays shining and covering the earth.

Li Xiaoman woke up and slowly opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was Long Sihao’s handsome face.

At this point, his eyes were closed. His lashes were long and thick, like a jade curtain. His breathing was steady and drawn-out, and his facial expression was calm. His lips were slightly raised, with the trace of a smile.

Her head was resting on his strong, slender arm, her delicate hands clinging intimately to his neck. Her plush, pink lips were only inches away from his thin lips, and his other arm was snugly wrapped around her waist.

Oh my God!

She gasped and her face blushed intensely.

My God, what’s going on? How could I have fallen asleep? How did I end up cuddling with Long Sihao? How am I still… still clinging to his waist? How could I be so – bold?

Feeling shy and awkward, she did not dare move again. Sweat began to trickle down her forehead and along her temples.

Fortunately, she was wearing a nightgown.

Wait, who helped me put the nightgown on?

The corners of her mouth cramped. Could it have been Long Sihao?

She began to blush again, her forehead covered in sweat. As her delicate hands tightly clung to Long Sihao’s neck, she nervously called out, “Long… Long Sihao…”

When he awoke, Long Sihao’s deep, narrow pupils were half-squinted. He looked at her drowsily, his deep voice full of magnetism. “What’s wrong? Why are you sweating so much?”

Just as Long Sihao was going to reach out and feel her forehead, she moved her head out of the way.

Her clear eyes narrowed slightly and she glared at him. “Get up.”

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