Chapter 83: So nervous, almost got caught

Long Sihao’s beautiful eyebrows lifted as he stared at her in bewilderment. Seeing her blush, he realized that something was wrong.

His eyes fell down on her legs which were wound around his waist. His lips curved up in  a charming smile.

Li Xiaoman panicked and pressed her slender hands against his chest. “Long Sihao, what are you going to do now?”

Long Sihao locked his deep eyes on her, grinned, and said shamelessly, “Morning exercise.”

“You…” Li Xiaoman slightly narrowed her eyes and stared at him with anger. “Long Sihao, don’t forget that I’m your sister-in-law, don’t …”

Before she could finish her words, Long Sihao tightened his lips and went straight to the bathroom with an unfathomable expression.

Li Xiaoman felt relieved when he entered the bathroom. Right after she got out of bed, she heard footsteps coming from outside, followed by a knock on the door.

Li Xiaoman was shocked since the knock on the door was extremely abrupt at this moment. Her heart started to pound like a drum as she went to the front of the door.

Outside the door came Lin’s voice. “Young Madam, are you up? Madam is here.”

Madam? Wasn’t that Huo Yunxi’s mom, her mother-in-law?

Li Xiaoman stood in front of the door looking extremely pale as if she had been struck by lightning.

“Young Madam, do you get up? Madam wants to see you.”

Li Xiaoman tried to calm down and sound like nothing happened. “Oh, I… I’m up.”

When Long Sihao walked out of the bathroom, he saw Li Xiaoman standing in front of the door with a pale face. He frowned and walked toward her in concern. “You look awful! What’s wrong with…Auch…”

Li Xiaoman didn’t let him finish and covered his mouth. She glared at him and whispered, “Don’t… don’t make a sound! There are people outside, don’t let them know you are here!”

Then Lin’s voice came again from outside the room. “Madam, Young Madam said she got up.”

Lin’s words brought Li Xiaoman out in a cold sweat. Why did Li Xuehe come upstairs!

Outside the door, Huo Yunxi’s mother, Li Xuehe’s sneer came. “Humph! Daughters-in-law nowadays! She never takes me seriously. I’m already at the door while she hides in the room. How disrespectful!”

Then there came a soft voice. “Auntie, don’t be mad, let me help you.”

Li Xiaoman narrowed her eyes. Surely, the familiar voice belonged to Xia Lin. She was surprised that Xia Lin was here too.

Knocking again on the door, Li Xuehe said unpleasantly, “Li Xiaoman, why don’t you open the door? Do you still remember I am your mother-in-law?”

Li Xiaoman narrowed her eyes and then looked at Long Sihao. He was wearing a bath towel standing there leisurely. She panicked and threw his clothes to him in a hurry and said, “Go…go get dressed.”

“Knock, knock, knock…” The sound on the door rang again, accompanied by Li Xuehe’s angry voice. “Li Xiaoman, what’s going on? Open the door!”

“Sister, what are you doing inside? Open the door! Auntie needs to talk to you, sister…”

Xia Lin’s voice came from the door.

Seeing the door tremble at their pounding, Li Xiaoman held her breath and felt like her heart would jump out of her mouth.

What should she do? From the looks of it, they would barge in very soon; but Long Sihao was still in her bedroom. If Li Xuehe and Xia Lin saw him, they wouldn’t listen to her explanation.


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