Chapter 85: Don’t Ever Call Me ‘Boss’ Again
Li Xiaoman didn’t reply, and Long Sihao looked down at her as he said smilingly, “Call me Sihao and I’ll hide right away. Or else, I’ll kiss you until they come in.”

He then lowered his head towards her as if he was about to kiss her.
Li Xiaoman glanced at the door and braced herself as she said, “Si… Sihao…”

“Call me by my name from now on. Don’t ever call me ‘Boss’ again.” Having said that, Long Sihao lowered his head again as he placed his cheek beside Li Xiaoman’s lips, and in a low tempting voice, he continued, “And also give me a kiss…”

“You…” Li Xiaoman narrowed her eyes as her face flushed red. The door seemed like it was about to break open, and in desperation, Li Xiaoman closed her eyes and pecked Long Sihao’s cheeks softly.

The next second, Long Sihao held her head and kissed her lips.
Li Xiaoman was taken by surprise, and as she was about to push him away, she heard the sound of the door break. Huo Yunxi, Li Xuehe, and Xia Lin all stood outside the door that broke open.

Li Xiaoman’s face turned pale instantly and she felt an inexplicable nervousness as she stared at them.

Li Xuehe walked towards Li Xiaoman angrily and whipped her hand across Li Xiaoman’s face as she yelled, “You unrespectful bitch, what were you doing in the room? We called you for so long, why didn’t you open the door immediately? What kind of daughter-in-law are you to make me wait for you this long?”

Xia Lin sneered when she saw Li Xuehe slap Li Xiaoman hard.

Li Xiaoman covered the side of her face that got swollen, and the pain had made her forget the nervousness she had felt before they entered.

Her eyes became watery but she forced back the tears and stared coldly at Li Xuehe, her mother-in-law. “What did you want?”

Having seen Li Xiaoman’s cold attitude, Huo Yunxi squinted his eyes and stared at her angrily. “Li Xiaoman, how dare you speak to my mother like this. Do you still see her as your mother-in-law?”

Li Xiaoman looked back at Huo Yunxi, who scolded her, and couldn’t help but tear up in the end. He sounded as if he didn’t see his mother slap her in the face, and he didn’t speak up for her.

Yet when she spoke to his mother with a little bit of attitude, he yelled at her like this. He only cared for his mother and Xia Lin, so what did she mean to him?

Huo Yunxi saw that Li Xiaoman’s eyes had reddened but she still didn’t answer, so he looked around the room and asked in a deep voice, “What were you doing in the room? Why didn’t you open the door for us?”

Li Xiaoman held back her tears as she stared coldly at Huo Yunxi, and she seemed like she didn’t care anymore as she curled her lips. “ What I was doing in my room? Can’t you see for yourself?”

Li Xiaoman thought that Long Sihao was still behind her, but he had disappeared the moment Huo Yunxi broke through the door.

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