Chapter 86: Who Was The Man?
Li Xuehe was displeased by Li Xiaoman’s cold attitude towards Huo Yunxi and she stared at Li Xiaoman coldly as she sneered. “A sparrow remains a sparrow, even if they were married into a wealthy family, they’ll never become a phoenix. Look at the way you talk to Yunxi. Is this the proper attitude a wife should have towards her husband?”

Li Xiaoman clenched her hands as she looked away calmly, and she bit on her lower lip, not making any sound.

Displeased by her silence, Li Xuehe glanced at Li Xiaoman and continued, “So what were you doing in the room? Why didn’t you open the door?”

Her gaze then fell upon the messy bed; she walked towards it and pulled up the duvet.

Li Xiaoman clenched her hands when she saw Li Xuehe’s actions.

Having seen Li Xuehe search the bed, Xia Lin approached her and asked, “Auntie, what are you looking for?”

Li Xuehe didn’t answer and kept searching through the bed until she found a short hair.

She stared at that short strand of hair, and her gaze turned cold as she turned around and scolded Li Xiaoman angrily, “You little b*tch, whose hair is this? No wonder you took so long to open the door; it was because you had a man in your room!”

Li Xiaoman looked at that strand of hair, and in an indifferent manner, she said, “You are accusing me of cheating based on this single strand of hair, that’s arbitrary.”

Xia Lin glanced quickly at Huo Yunxi and said gloatingly, “Sister, look how short this hair is, clearly it’s from a man. This is evidence, how are you going to talk your way out of this now?”

Huo Yunxi’s eyes reddened from anger as he walked towards Li Xiaoman and grabbed her wrist. “Li Xiaoman, you dare to cheat on me? Tell me, who was that man?”

“Let go of me…” Li Xiaoman struggled and pulled her wrist away from his hands. She stared at him calmly but her heart ached internally as he had believed the words from his mother and Xia Lin so easily. He didn’t trust her even if the truth was still unclear, she wondered if she had any place in his heart?

Haha… But if he really cared for her, he wouldn’t have set her up that night to frame her for cheating.

He had been sleeping with Xia Lin and even called her with that disgusting phone call, and now both his mother and his mistress came to force her to divorce him. What right did he have to question her?

She squinted her eyes and her gaze turned even colder. “To catch the thief you must find the stolen goods; to accuse people of adultery you must catch both at the scene. If you can find anyone else other than me in this room, then I’ll admit it.”

She had nothing to lose, and if they found Long Sihao, then she would take all the blame and responsibilities.

Li Xuehe looked at Li Xiaoman with disdain and said sarcastically, “Stop bullsh*ting with her and find the man. He must be still in this room somewhere, and once we’ve found him, let’s see what else she has to say.”

Li Xuehe finished speaking and headed towards the bathroom.

With a cruel smile on her face, Xia Lin followed Li Xuehe immediately. If they really found a man, she wondered what Li Xiaoman would say to defend herself.Huo Yunxi stared at Li Xiaoman sharply with a livid face and followed the two women into the bathroom.

Li Xiaoman clenched her fists tightly as she stood still. Although she was much calmer now, she still felt a bit nervous and hoped that they wouldn’t find Long Sihao in the room.

Li Xiaoman also looked around but didn’t see Long Sihao anywhere, so she also headed for the bathroom, too.

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