Chapter 87: He must be outside

Li Xuehe and Xia Lin were looking in the bathtub while Huo Yu glanced around the bathroom.

Although the bathroom of the guest room was not small, it was still impossible to hide someone in there.

Li Xiaoman looked around but didn’t see Long Sihao either. She frowned; since Long Sihao was not outside, he should be in the bathroom. But he wasn’t here. Why?

Her sight fell on the only window in the bathroom. Though the window was not very big, it was surely big enough for someone to crawl out. Perhaps Long Sihao had got out from the window.

Li Xuehe, who didn’t find anyone, glared at Li Xiaoman and said coldly, “Humph! Don’t let it get to your head. He must be outside.”

Then she ran out of the bathroom again.
Li Xiaoman followed her out and saw Li Xuehe and Xia Lin digging around in the closet and under the bed, making her room a complete mess.

Knowing that they couldn’t find Long Sihao, Li Xiaoman was relieved. Thank God, Long Sihao had left.

She didn’t stop Li Xuehe and Xia Lin rummaging around, yet she leaned against the bathroom door and stared at them coldly.

She snickered, how ridiculous! Her mother-in-law and her husband’s mistress were in her bedroom trying to find her adulterer while her husband watched the drama. This was really unbelievable.

If this didn’t happen to her, she wouldn’t have believed it.
Huo Yunxi, who had been watching everything coldly, turned to look at Li Xiaoman. She was calm and relaxed and there was barely any trace of panic on her face. Huo Yunxi frowned and stared at his mother Li Xuehe and Xia Lin.
Seeing them rummaging around like clowns, he scolded, “Enough! Just stop!”

Being yelled at by her son, Li Xuehe stopped and instead bore a grudge against Li Xiaoman. She stood still and stared at Li Xiaoman with anger. “Li Xiaoman, tell me, where did you hide your lover?” Li Xiaoman twitched her lips and stared at Li Xuehe coldly. “I told you, if you find someone, I will admit it; on the contrary, if you can’t find anyone, please get out and leave me alone.”
“How… how dare you talk to me like that!” Li Xuehe said with anger and then moved up to slap Li Xiaoman. But, this time, Huo Yunxi grabbed her wrist and stopped her.

“Son, what are you doing?” Li Xuehe stared at him questioningly, surprised by his act.
Xia Lin saw Huo Yunxi stopping his mom from slapping Li Xiaoman; her eyes were full of hostility. She became even more jealous of Li Xiaoman.
Huo Yunxi glanced at Li Xiaoman with his charming eyes and then glared at his mom looking gloomy. “Mom, I need to talk to you. Let’s get out.”
“Wait, I haven’t finished.” Li Xuehe looked at Xia Lin and said, “Linlin, give her the divorce settlement!”
Hearing Li Xuehe’s words, Xia Lin glanced at Li Xiaoman first and then at Huo Yunxi. In the end, her sight fell on Li Xuehe. She put on a look of distress and said, “Auntie, are we really going to give it to sister?”

Then she looked up at Huo Yunxi again. “Yunxi, Auntie wants you to divorce sister. Do… do you agree?”

She took out a divorce settlement.

She was about to hand it to Li Xiaoman, but Huo Yunxi suddenly took it.

He read through the divorce settlement and then looked at Li Xuehe and Xia Lin. “You called me back just for this!”

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