Chapter 89: You Disgust Me!

She was clueless about the missed calls, but she decided to call back.

When the call went through, Huo Yunxi burst into the room.

Li Xiaoman hung up immediately.

Huo Yunxi saw her holding the phone and asked in displeasure, “Who is it?”

Li Xiaoman ignored his question and stared at him coldly. “What do you want?”

Her cold impatience irritated him.

“Li Xiaoman, you don’t want to see me?” he asked in annoyance.

Li Xiaoman kept her silence and didn’t even bother to speak.

Her attitude completely angered him, and he glared as he said, “Li Xiaoman, why do you have to be like this? I didn’t prepare that divorce agreement; that was my mom’s idea.”

Li Xiaoman said scornfully, “Whatever! Since the divorce agreement is ready, let’s get it done today!”

Her cold response and uncaring attitude provoked Huo Hunxi greatly as he clenched his fists. “I told you it was not my idea. Why do you want a divorce so badly?”

“Why? Because you disgust me!” Li Xiaoman stared at him with her cold eyes.

“I disgust you?” Huo Yunxi narrowed his eyes to glare at her, and he pulled her into a hug. “Why? Tell me why! How did I disgust you?”

“Let me go! Everything about you disgusts me!” Li Xiaoman struggled and tried to free herself from Huo Yunxi as she stared at him contemptuously.

Her actions and words angered Huo Yunxi extremely, and he glared at her fiercely. “Okay, fine! I’ll show you how disgusting I can be!”

He finished talking and ripped her pajamas off, then he threw her onto the bed.

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