Chapter 9: Not Finished, Then Continue

Hatred flashed across Xia Lin’s eyes as she stared at Huo Yunxi and spoke softly, “Yunxi, since she wants to stay and watch us, how about we just continue?”

Having heard Xia Lin, Huo Yunxi gazed coldly at Li Xiaoman with anger and suddenly wanted to punish Li Xiaoman. He hugged Xia Lin and continued what they had been doing.

Li Xiaoman stood there and watched, stunned by their actions. Her hands clenched together so tightly that her nails dug into her palm. Yet, she was in so much agony that she ignored the pain from her hands.

She thought her heart couldn’t be more broken, but every move they made was humiliating her and shattered her heart even more. .

Once the two had finished, she was already numb from the pain.

Li Xiaoman never knew that she could be so brave, to the point that she watched her husband have sex with another woman in front of her. She didn’t cry nor shout; she felt like she was watching p--n.

After the two finished, Li Xiaoman stared at them who were naked with narrowed eyes.

“Have you finished?” she asked, “If not, you can continue. I’ll wait.”

Perhaps she was so shocked by what she saw that her words came out soft and emotionless.

Huo Yunxi was a bit surprised by her reaction; he felt like she wasn’t the Li Xiaoman that he knew. He thought to himself, “If she loves me, how could she remain this calm after seeing me make love to another woman?”

Anger gathered in his eyes, and yet he felt a dull pain in his heart. However, he ignored that feeling and carried Xia Lin into the guest room on the first floor.

Li Xiaoman stumbled and almost fell onto her knees after they disappeared from her sight.

There was a bathroom in that guest room.

After a while, Xia Lin walked out of the guest room wrapped in a bath towel, with water still dripping from her body that had many hickeys on it.

She walked towards Li Xiaoman with a smirk on her face and looked at her with icy contempt as she said, “How did it feel watching your husband sleep with another woman? Not so good, right? Are you feeling hurt? Ha… blame yourself, Sister. You insisted on marrying Yunxi. You ruined it between Yunxi and me; you ruined our happiness…”

Li Xiaoman took a deep breath before looking back at Xia Lin, and the first thing she saw was the countless hickeys all over the latter’s chest.

Her heart ached once more.

Xia Lin saw Li Xiaoman was trying to hold back her tears, so she continued to mock her, “If I were you, I wouldn’t hold in my tears, and I wouldn’t endure this. You have no shame, holding onto Yunxi like this. Do you know how much Yunxi hates you? Oh, I heard from Yunxi that he never touched you since you two got married. Aren’t you lonely? Why not go marry a half-dead old man instead? That way, at least you won’t die as a virgin.”

Xia Lin looked at her and mocked again, “You weren’t back last night; I’m sure you had lots of fun!”

Li Xiaoman was startled by Xia Lin’s words, and her gaze sharpened.

“What do you mean?”

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