Chapter 90: Possession! He Wants Her Love!

The soft bed sank under their weight.

She felt a feeling of panic that she had never experienced before, and she narrowed her eyes with a hint of fear while pushing Hun Yunxi back with all her strength. “Stop! Stop it! What are you doing? Don’t touch me!”

Huo Yunxi’s eyes were filled with fire as he glared at her furiously and grabbed her wrists forcefully above her head to pin them down on the bed. He looked at her with lust and said, “Why can’t I touch you? I have every right! You’re my wife, and it’s time for us to have sex!”

He lowered his head and sealed her lips violently with a kiss.

“No… Stop… Get off me!” Li Xiaoman shook her head to avoid his kiss and struggled to break free. Why? Why does he have to hurt me? Why can’t he just let me go? Tears filled up her eyes.

I waited for him for a whole year, and then almost got raped by his men. Now he is trying to rape me… Why? Why is he doing this to me?

Huo Yunxi was furious at Li Xiaoman, but he also felt hurt by her cold attitude and her relationship with Long Sihao.

He couldn’t let her go no matter if he loved her or not! She was his wife and had to stay with him all her life.

He was used to her gentle and loving care. He was always the center of her world, and he enjoyed being pampered by her.

He wanted her to love him all her life.

She could only love him; he had to be the only one.

His big hand pinned her wrists down as he looked at her in anger and said bitterly, “Li Xiaoman, stop pretending you don’t want it! You waited for me for a year, and you dreamed about us f*cking! I’ll make your dream come true now!”

He lowered his head and moved his mouth all over her white neck as if he was a hungry lion devouring his meal.

“No… Please… Stop it Huo Yunxi! Get off me, you beast!”

Her tears gushed out in humiliation while she struggled in vain.

Her face paled in pain as Huo Hunxi grabbed and pinned her slim wrists down violently.

“Yunxi… Please… You’re hurting me!”

She frowned and cried in agony as she continued to struggle.

Tears of pain and humiliation covered her pretty face.

She struggled with her legs and kicked Huo Yunxi’s chest a few times which made him even angrier and aroused his instinctive desire to conquer this woman as a man.

He always thought she was submissive, and he had no idea that she could have this strong of a will.

Suddenly, he grabbed her feet with his other hand and spread her legs to put his knees in between.

He unbuckled his belt as Li Xiaoman looked at him powerlessly in despair. She closed her eyes and sobbed continuously while her body was shaking uncontrollably. Nevertheless, she said determinedly, “Huo Yunxi, if you rape me, I’ll kill myself!”

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