Chapter 91: Enough! I’ve had enough of you!

Li Xiaoman’s determined voice snapped Huo Yunxi out of his lustful thoughts, and he stared at her teary face intensely.

He felt heartbroken by her threat that she would rather die than be touched by him. He clenched his fists tightly and looked at her with red eyes. “Why? Why do you hate me so much?”

Li Xiaoman widened her eyes and glared at Hun Yunxi with loathing. “I loved you with everything I have, and you betrayed me, set me up, and hurt me, yet now you ask me why do I hate you? How can you even ask that? Can’t you just let me go?”

She paused for a second and then stared at him again with a cold gaze. “Huo Yunxi, I’ve had enough! I want a divorce!”

As soon as he heard the D word, he became angry again and grabbed her hand violently. “No way! Li Xiaoman, we will never have a divorce. You will never leave me!”

Li Xiaoman pulled her hand back forcefully and looked at him with her cold eyes. “What else do you want from me? Do you just want to torture me, humiliate me, and hurt me? Is that it?”

Huo Yunxi clenched his fists, frowned, and looked at her with a much gentler gaze than before. He was silent for a second, and then he said tenderly, “No, I will not hurt you again. I want you to stay beside me, and don’t talk about divorce. I will not have it. It was my mom’s idea. I didn’t know Xia Lin and her were coming today.”

Li Xiaoman squinted her eyes and looked at him doubtfully. “Huo Yunxi, do you have to play this game? Stop acting! With everything you’ve done to me, I don’t believe a word you said. Especially knowing what you did last night!”

“Last night?” Huo Yunxi looked at her confusedly. “What did I do last night?”

“Enough! Stop it!” Li Xiaoman screamed at him with a cold stare and said with an unemotional voice, “Huo Yunxi, I’ll give you three days to prepare the divorce. Otherwise, I’ll see you in court!”

Huo Yunxi became furious and tightened up his fists. “You’ll see me in court? Go ahead and try! No woman had ever dumped me, not even you. You’re my wife, and you will always be mine.”

He walked out and slammed the door behind him.

Li Xiaoman collapsed on the bed after he left and sobbed helplessly. Why? Why won’t he just let me go? How can he be so cruel?

She had had enough and couldn’t take it anymore!

She sat on the bed and sobbed quietly while her phone rang again and again on the floor as Huo Yunxi had thrown it on the ground previously.

The phone kept ringing, and Li Xiaoman ignored it..

Finally, the phone stopped, but then suddenly a loud knock on the door snatched her attention.

She sat on the bed and stared at the door in surprise without opening it.

Without warning, there was a loud bang as someone kicked open the door. Long Sihao stood there with the cell phone against his ear and looked at her in concern.

Li Xiaoman stopped crying as she saw him. She wiped her face promptly as she didn’t want to show her vulnerable side in front of him, but she couldn’t stop the tears from falling.

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