Chapter 94. Did Mr. Long Leave Already?

“Young Madam…” Maid Lin’s voice came from behind Li Xiaoman.

She turned around and saw Maid Lin standing by the door holding an ice bag in her hand.

Maid Lin walked in, feeling bad for Li Xiaoman when she saw her swollen cheek. She said, “Young Madam, Mr. Long asked me to give you this ice bag to calm the redness.”

“Mr. Long?” Li Xiaoman’s gaze fell upon the ice bag in Maid Lin’s hands, and a complicated mix of emotions went across her eyes; clearly, the ‘Mr. Long’ Maid Lin referred to was Long Sihao.

She wondered what Long Sihao had said to Maid Lin, and if Maid Lin felt it was strange when she saw Long Sihao?

Li Xiaoman pressed her lips together as she took the ice bag from Maid Lin’s hands. “Maid Lin,” she pretended to ask carelessly, “Did Mr. Long leave already? How did he come up stairs just now?”

Maid Lin looked at Li Xiaoman and said smilingly, “Mr. Long left already. He said he was Young Madam’s friend, and he happened to pass by here today so he decided to pay you a visit along the way. However, it was strange because he was going to give you the ice bag himself, but he stood at your door for a bit and handed it to me. He then left after telling me that I have to make sure you leave it on for a while.”

Li Xiaoman narrowed her eyebrows as she gripped onto the ice bag tighter and she smiled as she nodded. “Thanks for letting me know Maid Lin, I’ll put it on right away.”

She then sat down on her bed and placed the ice bag on her swollen face; although her cheek felt cold from the ice bag, she felt warmness deep down in her heart.


  • At the CEO Office, 30th Floor of TE Group –

After Long Sihao had left Jade Garden, he drove back and returned to his CEO office.

Secretary Ye Shan knocked lightly on the door and said in a respectful manner, “Boss, Miss Lin is here.”

“Come in.” Long Sihao said in a clear voice as he sat behind his two-meter-long rosewood desk.

“Yes.” Ye Shan pushed opened the door and stood at the side as she said smilingly, “Miss. Lin, CEO says for you to go in.”

The ‘Miss Lin’ was Li Xiaoman’s best friend, Lin Momo. She nodded at Ye Shan and walked into the CEO office with a smile.

“Wow!…” As soon as she walked in, she was fascinated by the luxurious interior design of the office.

Her eyes widened as she looked around for a bit before she walked  to Long Sihao’s desk, and her eyes glistened as she stared at Long Sihao. “Boss, is there something you need me to do?”

Long Sihao raised a single eyebrow as he glanced at her calmly, his thin lips pressed together as his fingers pushed two black cards towards Lin Momo.

Lin Momo’s gaze followed Long Sihao’s action onto the rosewood desk, and the next second her eyes widened even more. She stared at the two black cards in shock because only the wealthiest people around the world could have access to this card with unlimited privilege, and it even had a higher credit limit than diamond cards and gold cards.

“Black… Black card, Boss… What do you mean by this?” Lin Momo’s eyes trembled staring at the two black cards as if she saw tons of cash in front of her.

Long Sihao stared at Lin Momo with an indifferent expression and said in a low voice, “I know you and Xiaoxiao are good friends, and she’s in need of some money recently. I think you know what I mean.”

Lin Momo blinked her eyes as she thought quickly in her head, and she stared at Long Sihao with surprise as she purposely dragged on her words. “Xiao—xiao? Boss, you two…”

“What about us?” Long Sihao raised a single eyebrow and it was hard to tell his emotions from his face as he glanced back at Lin Momo.

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