Chapter 95: He’s Super Generous

Lin Momo stared at Long Sihao’s unreadable face. “Ahem… Ahem…” She cleared her throat as she said, “I think I understand. Did you want me to give these cards to Manman?”

Long Sihao pressed his thin lips together and handed one of the black cards to Lin Momo. “This one’s yours and the other one is for Xiaoxiao, but you can keep hers for now, and when she needs it, then you know what you should do right?”

“There’s one for me too?” Lin Momo’s eyes widened and they almost fell out of their sockets as she stared at Long Sihao stunned. She stood there in shock and her hands trembled as she took the black card from him.

It took her awhile before she regained her senses and asked, “Boss, why don’t you give it to Manman yourself?”

Long Sihao narrowed his eyes as lights dimmed inside them and his expression hardened as he said, “She wouldn’t accept it if I gave it to her.”

“Oh! I get it.” Lin Momo raised her eyebrows as she stared at Long Sihao, and she could detect a trace of loneliness from his furrowed eyebrows.

She curled her lips and winked at Long Sihao. “Boss, you’re so good to Manman, I thank you for her.”

“Don’t let her know about this,” Long Sihao said as he gazed at Lin Momo deeply.

Lin Momo nodded her head and then left the CEO office with two black cards in her hands.

The moment Lin Momo walked out, a smile crept onto her face and she kissed the two black cards all over. Manman really got herself a treasure this time, he’s been so generous and kind towards her.

That same night, Lin Momo phoned Li Xiaoman and told her that she had got some money and would give it to her the next day.

Li Xiaoman felt grateful towards Lin Momo as she received the money and asked Lin Momo how she got so much money. Lin Momo had already thought of an excuse and told her that she had borrowed them from a relative who recently earned lots of money.

Li Xiaoman didn’t fully believe Lin Momo’s words but didn’t ask much and phoned her uncle to pick up the 30K.

She stayed in her room for the next three days and didn’t go to work nor leave the house until Lin Momo phoned her to hang out.

They met at their usual meeting spot at the Cappuccino Cafe.

Li Xiaoman’s long curly hair was let loose onto her shoulders, she wore a black crop coat over her beige slip dress and had a black belt around her thin waist; Li Xiaoman looked elegant and attractive.

Meanwhile Lin Momo wore a tight rouge one-piece dress, with her long wavy hair  loose on her shoulders, she looked energetic and glamorous.

“Momo, didn’t you say you have something to tell me? What is it?” Li Xiaoman asked as she raised her eyebrows at Lin Momo who sat across from her.

Lin Momo held her coffee and took a few sips before she raised her eyebrows and said, “Nothing much. I just wanted to ask you to join me at a banquet tonight.”

“Banquet?” Li Xiaoman looked at her confused. “What banquet?”

“Hehe…” Lin Momo smiled at her and squinted her eyes as she said, “It’s a banquet held by the Ling Corporation. You’ll find out more when you go.”

Li Xiaoman’s eyes narrowed and asked, “If it’s a banquet held by the Ling Corporation, then what does it have to do with us? Did you receive an invitation for it?”

Lin Momo raised a single eyebrow and had a flattering smile on her face. “Of course, but let’s not talk about that for now. We need to get some dresses and have a makeover before we go.”

They then went into a high-class luxury clubhouse after they left the cafe.

The moment they walked in, they saw Huo Yunxi and Xia Lin.

Xia Lin was picking out a dress while Huo Yunxi waited for her on the sofa.

Lin Momo glanced at the two and said with a hostile tone, “Oh! What a small world. We keep bumping into these two bastards.”

Having heard Lin Momo’s words, Huo Yunxi’s gaze fell upon Li Xiaoman. He was stunned at first and a trace of panic flashed across his eyes as he asked, “How come you’re here?”

Lin Momo pulled Li Xiaoman forward. She stared at Huo Yunxi with disdain and answered bluntly, “Why can’t we be here if scumbags can come in? But this is a high-class luxury clubhouse, so how did you two scumbags get in?”

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