Chapter 97: I’m Not Doing It For You

“Manman, you’re going to look amazing in this.” Lin Momo chose a low-cut, backless gown for Li Xiaoman.

Li Xiaoman’s lips twitched as she peered at the gown in her hand and frowned. “No way, this is too revealing. Also, is this place very expensive?”

Lin Momo arched an eyebrow as a meaningful smile appeared on her face. “Don’t worry, I’ve got it! I made some money recently, so I can afford two dresses or so. There’s going to be some important people at the Ling Family Gala. How are we going to attract good men if we don’t spend some money? Besides, I don’t think it’s too revealing! You have a great figure so you can show it off and let that b-----d Huo realize what he’s been missing out. Alright, stop hesitating and just get this one.”

Li Xiaoman’s lips tightened as she succumbed to Lin Momo’s sweet talks, then went ahead and changed into the avant-garde, sexy gown.

Lin Momo was the first to scream when she stepped out of the fitting room. “Whoa, Manman, you look beautiful!”

A sales lady also laughingly complimented, “This gown just arrived yesterday. It’s a limited edition piece and doesn’t look good on everyone. People who don’t have great figures don’t dare to wear this dress. This lovely lady not only has a great body but also has fair skin. This gown was totally made for her! It’s really incredibly gorgeous.”

Huo Yunxi looked up in her direction when he heard the compliments from the sales lady. He was stunned as a flash of awe appeared in his cold eyes. The gown perfectly showed off her dainty curves and made her skin glow like white snow.

Especially the low V-cut in front and the backless design near her rear. It was wild and sexy, yet perfectly balanced by elegance and charm from the light gold color.

Xia Lin saw Huo Yunxi’s starstruck gaze fixated on Li Xiaoman’s body and stomped her foot in anger. She sneered at the sales lady who was picking out a dress beside her and said begrudgingly. “I want the same gown.”

“Miss Xia, this is the only one we have in this style, and Miss Xia, you’re rather skinny. You may… may not fill out this dress.”

Xia Lin’s eyes were red with jealousy and rage as she heard those comments. She turned around and slapped the sales lady. “What is that supposed to mean? Are you saying my figure isn’t as good as hers…” She glowered.

The sales lady who was just got slapped pressed her hand to the side of her burning face as her eyes turned red. “Miss Xia, I didn’t mean that.”

“Then what the hell do you mean?”

Seeing Xia Lin’s temper rising and that she was about to get into a brawl with the sales lady, Huo Yunxi sneered at Xia Lin and grunted, “Enough. Stop fussing. Everything looks the same on you.”

He glanced at Li Xiaoman again as he finished talking. “Change out of it now. Who are you trying to seduce wearing this?” he ordered firmly as he strode to her.

Li Xiaoman arched her eyebrow and looked at him askance with cold, hard eyes. “At least I’m not trying to seduce you.”

Then, she left Huo Yunxi’s rage-filled gaze with a well-dressed Lin Momo and stepped outside of the clubhouse, completely ignoring him.

The Ling Villa was built in the heart of K City’s wealthy district, halfway on a mountain where the entire city’s beautiful and prosperous scenery was in its view.

Underneath the crystal chandeliers in the luxurious banquet hall, high-class ladies, courtly gentlemen, and famous celebrities elegantly greeted and toasted to each other. The atmosphere was lively yet harmonious.

Li Xiaoman felt butterflies in her stomach as she stepped out of the car because she rarely attended galas like this. She looked down on her wild and sexy gown, then her brows creased. “Momo, do I have to go in there in this dress?”

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