Chapter 98: Gala, Center Of Attention

Lin Momo snapped her fingers as she lifted her eyebrows at Li Xiaoman teasingly and laughed. “Of course! Trust me, you will stun everyone here. Just keep smiling and let’s go!”

“Okay!” Li Xiaoman took a deep breath and relaxed her tightly-wound-up nerves. A quiet smile appeared on her exquisite face as she headed towards the banquet hall with Lin Momo.

They became the center of attention the second they entered the banquet hall. The chatty guests turned their astounded gazes towards Li Xiaoman.

A quiet smile climbed on Lin Momo’s lips. “Manman, look! So many cute guys are eyeballing you,” she said without glancing sideways

Even though there was a slight smile on Li Xiaoman’s face, her brows knitted a little bit. She was not used to all the attention and didn’t intend to be in the spotlight.

Several sophisticated gentlemen walked towards her carrying champagne glasses; they either wanted to talk with her or take her hand for a dance.

Beside her, Lin Momo was envious of all the men asking if Li Xiaoman cared to dance with them.

She looked at Li Xiaoman askance and grimaced with laughter. “What did I say, Manman! See how popular you are! That b-----d Huo is definitely missing out for not cherishing you… Dammit…”

Seeing Lin Momo’s face suddenly changed colors, Li Xiaoman lifted her brows and asked confusingly. “What’s wrong?”

Lin Momo pointed to the banquet gate and grunted unpleasantly. “The b-----d and w---e are here.”

Li Xiaoman turned around and there they were: Huo Yunxi and Xia Lin.

Xia Lin wore a light pink shoulderless gown with a sweetheart neckline, accessorized to the nines, the makeup on her face was flawless full glam.

Huo Yunxi wore a light pink Cerruti suit with a matching blue tie, which made his figure look even more lean and handsome.

Guests were coming up to talk to him as soon as he entered. “President Huo, this lady here must be your wife! She’s very pretty.”

A slight frown appeared between Huo Yunxi’s masculine eyebrows as he looked down to peer at Xia Lin beside him. He curled his lips and stated, “No.”

Xia Lin didn’t expect Huo Yunxi to answer like this and clenched her fists. She looked up and saw Li Xiaoman.

A twinkle of hatred flashed in her eyes. She looked up at Huo Yunxi and exclaimed with false surprise. “Yunxi, that seems to be Sister. What, did she follow you here?”

Huo Yunxi glanced over the entire hall and spotted Li Xiaoman, who was surrounded by four to five men. Hellfire burned in his cold, hard eyes as he walked towards her.

“Yunxi…” Xia Lin’s eyes were green with envy. She casted Li Xiaoman a jealous look then followed him.

“Li Xiaoman…” Huo Yunxi was furious. He growled as he walked up to her and grabbed her wrist with his long arms, then managed to drag her outside.

“Manman…” Lin Momo yelled in worry and chased after them.

Xia Lin saw Huo Yunxi dragging Li Xiaoman out and became even more jealous. A sly smile climbed up her lips as an idea occurred to her.

Li Xiaoman realized Huo Yunxi dragged her from the banquet hall to the garden, and she stared at him with cold eyes and grunted, “What are you doing, Huo Yunxi? Let go of me… Let go…”

Huo Yunxi ignored her struggles and tightened his grip on her wrist. He glowered at her and said mockingly, “Li Xiaoman, what are you doing here? Who invited you here? Who are you trying to seduce dressed like this? Can you stop stooping so low?”

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