Chapter 99: Are You A Competent Husband?

Huo Yunxi’s comments made Li Xiaoman’s blood boil with wrath. Her bright eyes narrowed and stared at him coldly. “Huo Yunxi, I have the freedom to wear whatever I want, and you have no right to interfere. And how low I stoop is none of your concern either. Let go of me.”

Li Xiaoman struggled like a hellion, but the more she struggled, the tighter Huo Yunxi gripped her. The pain caused her delicate brows to frown so she stopped her futile struggles and stared at him coolly. “What exactly do you want? I don’t poke my nose into your and Xia Lin’s business, so why are you poking your nose into mine?”

“Why?” Huo Yunxi narrowed his eyes and looked at her menacingly. “Because you’re my wife.”

“Heh heh… wife?” Li Xiaoman sneered and looked at him with complete disdain. “Huo Yunxi, when did you start thinking of me as your wife? If you truly think of me as your wife, then you wouldn’t show up here with Xia Lin in public. If you truly think of me as your wife, then you wouldn’t calculate and manipulate me. If you truly think of me as your wife, then you wouldn’t cheat on me again and again. But now, you even have the guts to say this. When did you decide that you were a married man? Ask yourself, are you a competent husband? Do you have the right to care about me?”

Li Xiaoman rarely interogated Huo Yunxi, that was virtually the first time she called him out like this.

A deep crease appeared between Huo Yunxi’s handsome eyebrows as the rage in his eyes toned down a little bit. His eye fixated on her pretty but now-reddened-with-fury face and felt a sense of guilt in his heart. “Manman. . .”

He wanted to apologize to her, yet he had no idea how to put that into words.

Li Xiaoman realized his attitude ameliorated and glanced at him with icy eyes. She shook off his hand when he wasn’t paying attention, looked away, and calmed herself. “Huo Yunxi, can we get a divorce, please? I made a mistake a year ago, I shouldn’t have married you, and I shouldn’t have come between you and Xia Lin’s happy relationship.”

Huo Yunxi frowned, alarmed by her eerie calmness; he didn’t want to divorce her, he didn’t want to lose her like this.

Suddenly, he jerked her into his embrace and said hurriedly. “Manman, I will not divorce you.”

Li Xiaoman pushed him away, her bright eyes narrowed, and her sweet voice irked. “Huo Yunxi, what the heck do you want? If you don’t love me, then why bother messing around with me? I’m really sick of this and don’t want to be with you anymore. A divorce is the best option for both of us.”

“Who said I don’t. . .”

Xia Lin’s sudden appearance interrupted Huo Yunxi before he had a chance to finish. “Yunxi. . .”

Xia Lin called out Huo Yunxi’s name as she walked up to them with a smile and hooked Huo Yunxi’s arm. “You are so understanding and thoughtful, Big Sis. Yunxi will divorce you as soon as possible,” she stated as she looked at Li Xiaoman with a smile.

Li Xiaoman peered at Xia Lin with cold, dead eyes without saying a word, then she turned and headed towards another direction in the garden.

“Manman. . .” Huo Yunxi shook off Xia Lin’s hand and chased after Li Xiaoman.

Seeing this, Xia Lin covered her stomach with her hands and frowned, her face was distorted with pain. “Yunxi… my stomach hurts so bad… Yunxi…”

Huo Yunxi stopped chasing when he heard Xia Lin’s words and hesitated. He turned around and saw she crouched down with her hands on her stomach. He frowned as he walked up to her and looked down with a cool gaze. “What’s wrong?”

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