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About Us:

We are currently a team of four FOBs, and still two bananas. The four FOBs are in charge of roughly translating the novels to engrish, and then the two banana edits the engrish into english. We’re sorta racist, sorry not sorry.

Currently Cucumber strips and Black bean sauce are working on GDN and Fishballs and Big Udon are working on HTK. However, sum things might happen so time soon maybe. Any by that we mean Spiced Fillet and black bean sauce are working on Teen Detective – Shroud of Mystery and Miso Ramen and Fishballs are working on Global Evolution. But then again, even more things might happen in da very near future.

Release Schedule:

Since we are just starting off and trying to work this into our schedule, we are gonna release a chapter for one novel every two days, alternating between the two. Thus its 3 to 4 chapters guaranteed per week. However, depending on our time availability, we may increase the number of chapters per week.

How to bribe us into posting more often:

So basically,  we are six university students who are studying at a university. Due to the fact that we are university students, we need to pay for our university tuition as well as the essential stuff for our university classes. You may realize that we are desperately poor and thus are willing to work extra hard if we are baited with some money. We are willing to post an extra chapter for $10 for the first 2 months, through either direct donations or through clicking on our Adfly links.

Contact Us:

If you want to contact us for something, and the comments aren’t working out for you, here’s our email:

[email protected]

Note that we aren’t going to be accepting any volunteers to work with us as we are planning on only working with people we are capable of meeting everyday.