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Ace of the Dragon Division

Ace of the Dragon Division [AOTDD]


* Don’t know if you should start this novel? Read this teaser chap and see if you like it~

AOTDD Teaser

Author & Chinese Title: 尘风 Dust Wind  – 龙组兵王

[Tag] Hot blood / mercenary / military / faceslap/ invincible

[TL Note] One of the best military/mercenary novels I’ve read, trust me the story will only get better and better.


There’s SIS in great Britain, CIA in the US. In Huaxia, there’s Dragon Division, known as the mysterious power of the East.

When a soldier that originally failed to be selected to join, appeared on the Dragon Division’s list again, no one noticed, that this inconspicuous and humble looking guy was actually the Dragon King of the division, the one that’s most difficult to deal with.

Mercenary: “Report, our squad is under attack, suffering heavy casualties!”

Commander: “How many enemies are out there?”

Mercenary: “Just… just one! There’s a joker card in his hand.”

HQ: “What?! Hurry, retreat!”

[Release Schedule] Starting release rate: 5 chapters per week on Mon-Friday, break on weekends.



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  1. Waltraute Husband

    Wonderful! Never seen any better modern novel than this one.

    • noodletowntranslated

      ayy thanks yo, dw u will only like it more and more

  2. Jaw hs


  3. Love modern stuff so Imma wait for 50 or so chapters to binge

  4. Myrtle

    I really like it ! Keep it going it is really good so far thanks for the good read!!

  5. Vigwebnovel

    Doing great job. Well done

  6. ryan apilas

    no update today?? so excited!!cant wait for the next chapter…will be the updates be like dragon kings son in law??3 chapters a day??😂

    • noodletowntranslated

      hey Ryan, welcome to Noodletown! Yeah, so we only update on weekdays for now, and hopefully we will be able to increase the release rate in the near future~
      This project is done by one of the founders of Noodletown that are just doing it cuz he likes the novel ($0 guaranteed pay), whereas DKS and other novels we do on webnovel are paid by QI so we can hire other translators to work on them together to help pay the bills, so there will be a big difference in the initial release speed, but we will bridge that gap in the next couple of months!

  7. Robert

    Thanks for the updates, pretty interesting right now but could you let me know if there’s romance (as in the lead actually dates a girl)? And if so does the romance start early / middle / end of the novel.

    • noodletowntranslated

      yeah there is, and it will be starting from the middle stage

  8. Ceraz

    This just gets better and better.

  9. Umair khan

    THis is really good please increase the release rate and please bring this to qidian you can take our spirit stones and release more chapters i would be happy using mine when unlocking this novel’s chapter

    • noodletowntranslated

      nah bro, we tried so hard to recommend it but they didn’t want to start the official project because it involves some politics. So yeah, we decided to just translate it on the side and make it free to read. Once we reach higher donation levels on patron for this novel, we will also be increasing the release rate accordingly since we will then be able to hire more translators to help out

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