Chapter 100: Congratulations on Becoming a Leader Without an Army (Part one)

At this time, the captain of Team 7 chipped in. “I think newcomers should be given a chance. Everyone knows what Team 2 was like in the past, but we can’t waste the resources of any of our teams. Now, every team has their cases to work on, and Team 5 would be a bit swamped if they have to investigate both West Gate and East Gate. I think it’s best if Team 5 focuses on the East Gate case.”

Ran Jing replied, “I’m fine with temporarily putting West Gate’s case on hold, but why is Team 2 taking over?”

She looked around at the other team captains, a bit angry. She felt like it was more of a trap for Xu Cheng, so she was trying to stop Xu Cheng from walking into it.

Team 3’s Captain stroked his beard and smiled. “The other teams are busy as well, so right now it seems like only Team 2 can be used.”

Ran Jing: “We all know what state Team 2 is in, which other team isn’t a formation of more than 20 or even 40 members? When necessary, the other teams can even coordinate operations with the Special Police Force, but Team 2 only has 10 people. I think everyone knows very well the kind of existence that is West Gate. Sending only 10 people to investigate West Gate’s money laundering case, I think it’s too much of a joke.”

“Captain Ran, what are you doing? Are you planning to rob Team 2 of a big case they can work on? We all have things to do, it’s not right to just let Team 2 idle. We should share the missions so they have more opportunities too.” Someone even tried to perturb the relationship between Xu Cheng and Ran Jing.

The deputy department director immediately slammed the file folder on the table, which immediately silenced everyone. He then scolded in a deep voice, “What do you think you are all doing? Does Team 2 not have a captain? Does he need you guys to decide for him?”

After he gave everyone the white eye, he looked at Xu Cheng and asked, “Xu Cheng, what’s your thoughts on this?”

Before Xu Cheng could reply, Ran Jing already answered first, “Sir, at least let him familiarize himself with his team members first, right? He’s still new to this environment and doesn’t know how things work around here. Isn’t it rushing into things if you let him take over such a big case right after he takes office?”

The deputy director just ignored Ran Jing and he still looked at Xu Cheng, asking, “What do you think?”

Xu Cheng’s eyes met with the guy, and then he said, “I think Team 2 is completely capable of handling West Gate’s case.”

“Xu Cheng!” Ran Jing became nervous. West Gate wasn’t an easy target like North Gate. Just looking at casinos alone, they had 5 legal ones operating in the city. The entire organization has over 5 thousand people, so even though Xu Cheng was a captain now, a team of just 10 people definitely couldn’t carry out a comprehensive investigation strategy. West Gate wouldn’t even give a sh*t about Team 2, and plus the fact that Xu Cheng caused North Gate’s downfall, the other three Gates would most likely join hands and kill him since he was basically sending himself into their lair.

Xu Cheng obviously knew Ran Jing was sincerely concerned for him. But, he just couldn’t tolerate the assassination attempt against him. This time, he won’t be waiting around for them to try and kill him again. He would be going to find them himself. Since both sides were no longer hiding their intentions, then he wouldn’t mind playing with them with increased stakes.

“Deputy Department Director, I’m fine with this.”

“Very well, then later let Captain Ran of Team 5 hand over all the information they’ve gathered on the case to you.”

Immediately, the meeting was over. When everyone packed up their files and left the meeting room one after another, Ran Jing stayed behind and glared at Xu Cheng. “Are you stupid? You don’t know that you are walking into their trap? They just want to kill off your confidence so you don’t feel like you are above them all, since you were able to easily take care of North Gate while they worked their a---s off but couldn’t.”

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