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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 100.2

Chapter 100: Congratulations on Becoming a Leader Without an Army (Part two)

Xu Cheng packed his things up too and calmly replied, “Of course I know. You told me before too, I snatched their big bone, and there’s competition among everyone. My appearance means that some people will have no choice but to share their pie with an extra person, so it’s normal for them to try and set me up. But that’s just life and how society is. If you don’t have the ability, you will be eliminated no matter where you go. If you want others to recognize you, then you will have to prove to them what you are capable of.”

Then, he smiled at Ran Jing. “This time, I’m here to prove to them what I’m capable of.”

Ran Jing sighed. Then, she said, a bit dejected, “Do you need me to assign some people from Team 5 to help you?”

“It’s fine, you just need to give me what you have. I don’t think East Gate’s any easier to deal with than West Gate, so I think you will need as much manpower as possible.”

Seeing how determined Xu Cheng was, Ran Jing no longer insisted. She brought Xu Cheng to her office and ordered her subordinate to gather all the archived files of West Gate and transfer them to Xu Cheng.

With the files in hand, Xu Cheng went back to the 20-square-meter-big office and announced, “Listen up, didn’t you guys think you have nothing to do? Let me announce, West Gate’s money laundering case will be completely taken over by us from now on.”

After Xu Cheng finished, he noticed all of his team members were looking at him, a bit dumbfounded.

Li Chao and Wu Gang even shot up from their seat as they looked at Xu Cheng in disbelief, “What did you say? The West Gate’s case had been handed over to us now?”

Xu Cheng nodded and clapped his hands. “Give me more energy, don’t be like dead fish.”

All ten of them immediately laid on the table, dejected. Li Chao stared at Xu Cheng and shouted, “How do you expect us to be more energetic? West Gate is so big and you want our 10-men team to investigate them? Are you out of your mind?”

Xu Cheng slammed the file folder on the desk and said domineeringly, “You guys said you weren’t given a chance, so I got you the chance. You’ve been complaining about how no one trusts any case to you. Now, just give me an answer, do you or do you not have the balls to take on this case with me? If yes, then stay; if not, then you can leave. I will transfer you to another department.”

Everyone didn’t show any intention of walking out right now since they were all contemplating the gains and losses. Frankly, they knew the other teams were just throwing the blame onto them again with this case. Everyone knew that the four Gates had been around for a long time, so of course they had learned the ways to hide themselves very well in this lawful society. Who was going to leave evidence of money-laundering behind for them to gather? Besides the great difficulty, the mission will also be very dangerous. None of the other three Gates were easy to deal with, and the moment you touched their bottom line, they would immediately erase you from the face of the Earth. So, that was why Ran Jing could get the cases for two of the four Gates and the other team captains had no problems with it.

Wu Gang looked over the files compiled by Team 5, and his face turned sullen. “If there was a single piece of evidence, we could at least follow the trail and investigate, but there has been basically zero progress on the case so far. What are we going to do? The other three Gates are all very hard to penetrate since their core management groups are tight-knit communities that go way back, thus it’s impossible to get any solid evidence. Just with the 10 of us, I don’t think we can play with them. Do you have any plans or confidence?”

Under the full anticipation of everyone, Xu Cheng just simply answered with one word, “Nope.”

The other ten of them really wanted to die.

Wu Gang directly threw the file onto the desk and left the room.

Then, Li Chao followed after, and then the others all left one after another. In the end, in the small office space that is Team 2, only Xu Cheng was left standing there. Not long after, Ran Jing appeared at the entrance. With her arms crossed, she looked at him and sighed. “They all know you guys are trying to hit a stone with an egg.”

Xu Cheng looked towards Ran Jing and asked, “Wanna go have a drink with me to celebrate?”

Ran Jing: “Celebrate what?”

Xu Cheng: “Celebrate my first day of getting promoted to Team 2 Captain. Isn’t it worth celebrating?”

Ran Jing bitterly smiled, “Yeah, and also celebrate that you became a leader without an army on your very first day.”

Xu Cheng smiled.

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