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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 101.1

Chapter 101: Oh, It’s Our Boss’s Lady! (Part one)

– Evening –

At an outdoor beer bar, Xu Cheng and Ran Jing sat face to face, eating skewers at a table that was covered with bottles of beer.

Not long after, a red Maserati sports car drove over, and Shen Yao, wearing a v-neck long dress, got off the car and immediately became a beautiful piece of eye-candy admired by everyone around. She threw her long hair back as she sat down, opened a beer bottle, and took a sip.

“Cheers, congratulations on your promotion!” Shen Yao said as she lifted her bottle.

Xu Cheng was originally drinking from a glass, but who knew Shen Yao would be so manly that she would drink straight out of the bottle.

“The bottle’s pretty big, can it fit into your mouth?” Xu Cheng made a perverted joke.

Shen Yao didn’t realize what the joke was, and after two seconds, her face blushed as she immediately tried to kick Xu Cheng with her high heels below the table. “You got set up at the office and you still have the heart to joke around? And aren’t you a soldier? Why are you drinking beer from a glass?”

Xu Cheng’s face was all twisted from the pain. He rubbed his feet as he said, “If I drink bottles and you guys drink glasses, I’m scared that you guys will take advantage of me if I get drunk first.”

The two women both gave Xu Cheng the stink eye.

“Okay, you still didn’t tell me yet, do you have a plan on how to deal with West Gate?” Ran Jing was still worried about Xu Cheng, and she wouldn’t feel assured until she heard a plan.

Shen Yao directly placed her hand on Xu Cheng’s forehead to measure his temperature. “You don’t have a fever, so your brain should be fine. Why would you want to screw West Gate all of a sudden?”

Xu Cheng drank some beer and said, “If someone tried to assassinate you, will you pretend as if nothing happened? In this world, there are just too many ways they can go about killing someone, and although the last hitman group failed, they will for sure take other measures. I’m a police officer, so I can’t do whatever I want like they can, but that doesn’t mean I will sit still and let them do whatever. So, I thought I might as well just go against them head on.”

“Head on? How?” Shen Yao snorted, “Ran Jing said she couldn’t convince you, so I came. Xu Cheng, let me tell you how West Gate managed to secure the rights to those casinos back then. Overall, they have at least 5 on the surface, and that’s enough to prove that they have strong connections in Shangcheng. They have deals with organizations and government officials in the daylight as well as forces that operate in the dark, which isn’t easy. Although my dad is really rich, if we are talking about connections, he won’t be able to compare with West Gate for sure. It can be said that the West Gate Gang’s connections are out of this society already, and it really wouldn’t be something a criminal police officer like you can handle. Investigating them on money laundering will not only involve West Gate, but the huge circle of underground money houses. In front of capitalism, even if you are an official figure, other people will still have a way to screw you.”

Ran Jing nodded and said, “It’s not that we are not going to uproot the other three Gates, it’s just not the time yet. The shadows of many larger international companies are behind West Gate; West Gate smuggling and money laundering are already trying to grab business from the country, but think about it. If they have the balls to do that, then they must have a large organization supporting them from behind. Smuggling and money laundering has always been a pain in the a-s for any country, and it’s not that countries don’t want to take care of this problem, but that they can’t. The most they can do is to minimize it.“

Xu Cheng was curious. “Why?”

Shen Yao was clearly not a simple-minded beautiful second-gen rich heir coming out from a rich family, and her answer was straight to the point. “Because of financial groups.”

“Financial groups?” Xu Cheng frowned.

Ran Jing nodded. “There are a group of capitalist groups in the world that will do anything, including acting outside of the law to gain profit, and these groups can be worldwide, so there’s no way for any country to eradicate them, only to contain them. This is why the East Gate’s smuggling port should only be controlled rather than eradicated. So, as long as we have things under control and keep the margin on those smuggling deals to a minimum, then that would be the best case scenario. The moment we eradicate them, they will just find a new port, and then we will be on the passive side again. Similarly, if you get into the way of those casinos doing money laundering, the underground money houses will warn you. And I know that the moment you get serious, you won’t give up until you get to the bottom of things and end their life, whether it’s literally or sending them to prison.”

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