Chapter 102: Ridicule (Part one)

Wu Gang and the others addressing Shen Yao as “the boss’s woman” really shocked her for a moment. Under the dim street light, her face blushed, and she thanked God that Xu Cheng and the others couldn’t get a good look under such lighting. Shen Yao immediately lifted the beer bottle and began pouring the beer into a glass.

Ran Jing laughed and asked, “Aren’t you directly drinking from a bottle?”

Well, she could do it earlier, but now there were just too many people.  Shen Yao had to at least act lady-like among other people she didn’t know that well. Hearing Ran Jing’s joke, she immediately gave her the bottle and replied, “You drink one for me.”

Ran Jing rolled her eyes at her, dragging her and preparing to leave.

Shen Yao was a bit confused, why would they leave all of a sudden? She knew that she should give Xu Cheng the opportunity to talk about work with his new subordinates, but she also wanted to seize this chance to make a good impression among Xu Cheng’s circle. Well, they did call her “the boss’s woman”, and at this moment, if she played dumb and went along with it, then maybe their relationship will also become more intimate unintentionally. Sometimes, when two people are making no progress, external factors are needed to break the balance.

Some time ago, Xu Cheng said he already had someone he liked, and to be honest, Shen Yao was quite upset, and she also thought about forgetting about her feelings towards him. However, sometimes, feelings just cannot be controlled. Maybe it was because this was Shen Yao’s first time liking a guy, and the feeling was quite odd. For the past few days, she would go and do all kinds of things to have fun, but no matter what she did or played, she would always remember a certain figure in her brain. In fact, Shen Yao knew it was her feelings fermenting, or at least it wasn’t something that could be easily forgotten. Plus now, when Xu Cheng’s subordinates called her “the boss’s woman”, she didn’t feel repelled by that title but was rather quite happy. So, Shen Yao felt like she didn’t want to leave this atmosphere and feeling behind by backing out right now.

“It’s fine, you guys said you are going to celebrate with me tonight, what would the celebration be like without you guys?” Xu Cheng hinted that the two of them didn’t need to move.

“Yeah, how can there be a good celebration if the most important person isn’t here?” Li Chao laughed.

This sentence completely swayed Shen Yao’s heart, and she shyly lifted the glass and pretended to drink some beer, while Xu Cheng awkwardly coughed, “Don’t speak nonsense. Let me introduce them to you guys, this is Captain Ran of Team 5, who you guys should already know. And the other one is a friend of mine, Shen Yao.”

Everyone teased, “Just a friend?”

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled as he nodded. “Just a friend, don’t get the wrong idea. If anyone jokes about my relationship with her, then I will beat him up. Look, you are making her feel uncomfortable.”

Wu Gang laughed and said, “There are no pure friendships between men and women. Boss, we understand, we understand.”

Xu Cheng didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. “Just drink your beer, and I will talk about work assignment. Li Chao, you and Wu Gang are to split into two groups, each with 5 guys. Li Chao, you will be responsible for getting intelligence on the revenue information of West Gate’s casinos, and you can go to the tax bureau if necessary.”

Li Chao nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

Xu Cheng then looked at Wu Gang and said in a serious tone, “Wu Gang, your mission will be relatively heavier, and the guys that your group will be keeping an eye on are sensitive targets. Go and follow the several legal representatives of the casinos, pay attention to their normal activity routines and the people they get into contact with.”

Shen Yao looked at Xu Cheng and asked, “Wouldn’t this be very dangerous?”

Xu Cheng smiled. “No, I’m just getting them to follow their targets out in the open, purposely letting them know that our Team 2 has so few members that they shouldn’t take us seriously. That way, they won’t do anything to our officers, so it will be pretty safe.”

Wu Gang gritted his teeth and said, “Boss, it’s fine. If we are afraid of danger, then we wouldn’t be doing this job. Our targets are likely big criminals, and we are always prepared for the worst scenario.”

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