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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 103.1

Chapter 103: I’m Convinced (Part one)

Xu Cheng just let them laugh. Then, he picked up his plates, walked over to Team 2’s table, and sat down by the table his team was at. Li Chao looked toward him and said, “Boss, I really want to slap their faces.”

Xu Cheng faintly smiled. “Don’t worry, you will have the opportunity later on.”

Wu Gang also looked toward Xu Cheng. “But your plan does hurt my balls a little.”

Xu Cheng confidently replied, “It’s easy to dodge a gunshot from the open but not an arrow from the dark. My plan isn’t conventional, and you will see.”

Wu Gang was trying so hard to suppress his urge that even his stomach was hurting, and he finally couldn’t take it anymore and asked, “Boss, you are instructing us openly to follow them, and also telling Li Chao and the others to check their accounting books. Everyone now knows what we are trying to do… I feel kind of stupid that we are directly approaching the case like this…”

“Just eat.” Xu Cheng looked at his team. “I promise you, give me a few days, and if this case really embarrasses you, then I will quit this job myself. Don’t worry, I won’t joke around with my career.”

“Okay, then we will also fully cooperate with you!” Since Xu Cheng had already put his job on the line, Li Chao, Wu Gang, and the others also declared their commitment.

And on the other hand, at the deputy department director’s office, Ran Jing slammed her hands on the desk and asked very angrily, “Sir, how can an action plan like this get passed? What were you thinking?”

In fact, she also wanted to ask this douchebag if he was working with the others to troll Xu Cheng.

This whole thing felt like Li Dazhuang was behind it. This guy came out from the same military camp as the deputy department director, and he was also good friends with the captain of Team 7. It felt like Li Dazhuang was just trying everything to embarrass Xu Cheng.

“Since the case was handed to him, then you think I have to deprive him of the ability to make his own calls? It’s useless for you to complain to me, even the higher-ups didn’t reject this plan,” the deputy department director said.

“What?” Ran Jing thought she was hearing it wrong. She just wanted to ask if the higher-ups were pig brained. How could this retarded of a plan get passed? This was simply being irresponsible for the case!

– Two hours ago –

The HQ director had nothing to do, so he decided to visit and check up on how Xu Cheng was doing. So, he came to the Criminal Investigation Department director’s office to sit down and drink some tea.

The director was going over the files, and when he saw Team 2’s report, he directly slammed it onto the desk. “What the fack?! How can this kind of action plan be handed in? Whose is it?!”

The HQ director casted over a curious look. “What’s wrong, why are you so angry?”

The department director bitterly smiled and directly gave Team 2’s report to the HQ director. “You should take a look yourself.”

Speaking of Xu Cheng, he was transferred over on the HQ director’s order, so the HQ director should also see how he was doing.

The HQ director sipped on some tea and just casually glanced at it. Then, he spat out most of the tea in his mouth.

The thing was… The action was just… There was no analysis, but they especially wrote that they would be investigating it with their identity revealed. If a money laundering case could be this easily solved, then why wouldn’t it have been solved by now? The criminals would actually prefer the police to openly investigate the books, because the easiest part would be doing work on the surface of the books to make everything seem legit. This kind of plan really dragged down the IQ of the people reading it.

“Sir, what’s your thoughts on this?” the department director nonchalantly asked, his implied meaning was clear: You transferred the guy over, you should know what the fack he’s trying to do, right?

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