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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 105.1

Chapter 105: Clues Leading to a Big Fish (Part one)

After circling around, the Mercedes sedan finally arrived at an ordinary-looking group of villas. These houses here were isolated and private, as they were all stand-alone villas with high walls around the property. Cameras were installed on almost all the corners, and reporters or detectives would have no way to capture footage of the inside.

Xu Cheng stopped at about a kilometer away, and when that Mercedes saw that there were no vehicles around, Master Xin then gestured to the security guard at the entrance to open the electronic gate. However, Xu Cheng could already see the entire layout of this villa.

Master Xin would never even dream that Xu Cheng could watch them from a kilometer away, like he was watching a movie. Right, it was like he had God’s eye view, which was even more clear than satellites.

“I wonder if my eyes can get even stronger later on. Now, I can already see everything within a 3-kilometer radius. It would be awesome if I can see even further,” Xu Cheng muttered to himself.

Right away, he took out a box of cigarettes and lit one. Then, with his feet up on the dashboard, he looked at what was happening in the villa. Now, all he needed would be a bag of chips or popcorns, and it would become a great watching experience.

After the Mercedes went into the villa’s gate, Xu Cheng’s eyes followed in with Master Xin.

After Master Xin got off, he was stopped by the bodyguards outside of the villa and had his body searched. Seeing this bodyguard, Xu Cheng immediately took out a pencil and paper from his car and began sketching out the guy. These could all be potentially important clues, and he could go back to the HQ to search this guy up in the system.

Xu Cheng could almost be sure that the guy inside the villa was for sure not a small character. Someone that could make the arrogant Master Xin accept a body search had to be his boss!

Maybe the 5 legal representatives of the casinos were just puppets, and just like the rumor had it, there must be big characters behind West Gate, like Gate Master Yan who was behind North Gate. After all, to be able to survive in the black society and also operate 5 casinos would just not be possible without a competent pair of hands behind the curtain.

For the past few years, the police had been looking for the guy behind West Gate, but ever since the nation entered the lawful society era, the guy behind West Gate barely made any appearances. Maybe people also believed that the boss had died and that West Gate had completed the transition from illegal operations to legal operations, but the government was not stupid. If the West Gate Master really died or left, then West Gate wouldn’t have been able to gracefully complete its transition and maintain its prosperity with no civil battles. The only explanation was that the gate master went into hiding and was just controlling everything from the dark.

In addition, even if West Gate completely transformed into a company with only legal dealings, the government would have a lenient attitude when judging its past. However, the large scale underground money laundering case had just too high of an influential and impact level, so of course, the government wanted to get rid of West Gate.

Xu Cheng’s eyes followed Master Xin into the villa, and Master Xin directly came to an indoor swimming pool at the rear of the house. Inside, there were 3 women taking care of an old man, and Xu Cheng could clearly see the Green Dragon tattoo on that old man’s chest.

Subconsciously sketching down that tattoo, Xu Cheng continued to keep an eye on them.


“Master Qing, the police has begun suspecting us being involved with money laundering,” Master Xin said to the old man who was drinking wine by the pool with his back facing him.

This old man was very muscular, and even though there were quite a lot of wrinkles on his face, he still seemed to be very energetic.

Hearing what Master Xin said, he slowly asked, “Did they get anything? How’s your end of things?”

Master Xin: “So far, they haven’t gotten anything that could pose a threat to us. We have been very discrete, and the book-keeping side is also doing good surface work to make the accounts look healthy.”

Master Qing: “Very well, then there’s nothing to be afraid of. As long as you guys don’t panic, the police won’t catch anything. Next week, there will be another deal coming through, so be on alert.”

Master Xin narrowed his eyes. “How much?”

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  1. “Master Quin, the police has begun suspecting…” Master Quin said to the old man… I think it should be ‘Master Xin said to the old man…

    • noodletowntranslated

      Oh shoot, you’re right! Thanks for pointing it out 😀

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