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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 105.2

Chapter 105: Clues Leading to a Big Fish (Part two)

Master Qing: “1 billion dollars from the Middle East Alliance Underground Money House, and our commission is 50 million dollars! I will give you one week of time to prepare for it. Just tell the public that you are holding a poker tournament. That way, the police side won’t get suspicious with the cash flow that day being too big. Just say that the World Poker Association officially sponsors the competition, anyone’s allowed to participate, and there will be gambling professionals and capitalists from all over the world coming to play.”

“Yes, Sir! I will go and immediately start making arrangements,” Master Xin nodded and said.

On the car, Xu Cheng’s eyes narrowed. He got a few keywords: Middle East, underground money house, 1 billion dollars!

So what was the so-called money-laundering? It’s when you have a large amount of income coming from illegal sources and you had no way to prove to the authority that it’s legal. So to get around that, you would first hide this money and make it flow into the casino, and then the casino helps you win tons of chips and all you have to do is exchange it into cash and take it home. When the income becomes legal, and you just have to pay a commission. After all, this casino is operating legally, and you have all the evidence to prove to the tax bureau and the police that the money came from a legitimate source.

Looks like today’s harvest was fruitful. By the current look of it, it was still unclear what kind of a role this Master Qing plays in this case, but just by how respectful and obedient Master Xin acted towards him, this old man for sure had a high place in West Gate. So now, Xu Cheng knew the time, location, and the big fish. After a week, the big fish would receive a billion dollars from the underground money house. By then, whoever wins a billion from this poker tournament, that person would be the big fish. And then through him, they could track down the underground money house!

After Master Qing gestured for those three women to leave, he slowly turned around. Xu Cheng got a very good look at him now, and he immediately began drawing. This guy was very critical, and he could very likely be the hidden boss behind West Gate.

After Master Xin left the villa and got onto his his Mercedes, the car drove out from the entrance. Xu Cheng drove past the villa shortly after, noted down the house number, and then left.

Then, he directly went back to the HQ with his three drawings and arrived at the archive office.

“Help me search for these two guys.” Xu Cheng passed the sketch of Master Qing and his bodyguard to his colleagues working at the archive.

Then, the staff used a 3D modeling software, generated the two people in the computer based on the drawing, and began searching through the database.

Very soon, they found Master Qing and his bodyguard’s profile.

“Captain Xu, this middle-aged man with a partially unshaven face is a bodyguard under a security company, and his English name is Neil. This security company is foreign, and this guy also used to be an international mercenary and had participated in many missions.”

Xu Cheng: “Why is someone like him roaming freely in Huaxia?”

“The few missions and background he participated in were not in conflict with our country, and since the security company employing him is legally operating, our country can’t target him.”

Xu Cheng then pointed at Master Qin’s file and asked, “How about this guy?”

The data officer said, “Chang Qing, 68 years old this year, and he became a philanthropist about ten years ago. He’s a hidden rich person, and I heard he also has investments in real estate.”

Xu Cheng’s eyes narrowed. “His identity won’t be as simple as it looks. At least, have you seen a tattoo like this on a philanthropist?”

The data officer smiled. “Captain Xu, you are right. This guy’s hidden wealth had been an investigation target of our police force, but it’s just that it’s very hard to get information on his whereabouts.”

Xu Cheng then asked, “About this Neil guy, does the client’s net worth need to be audited to hire him?”

Data officer: “Yes, this security company is very famous, and they only accept clients with a net worth of over 5 billion yuan.”

Xu Cheng: “Then do you think this Chang Qing guy’s legitimate assets are worth more than 5 billion?”

Data officer: “No, actually, it’s only about 1.5 billion.”

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  1. Poor guy, the data officer doesn’t even get a name?, wonder what his colleagues call him?.

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