Chapter 106: Team 2’s Much More Difficult to Deal with than Team 5 (Part one)

According to the analysis of his profile, there was definitely something fishy about Chang Qing’s net worth. However, these would not be enough to directly incriminate him. They still need to gather what this guy had done in the past.

After returning to his office, Li Chao’s group brought over the books of all 5 casinos and said, “Boss, the financial conditions of all 5 casinos are here. Other than the inflow source and outflow destination of the cash which we couldn’t find, all of their profit and liquidity data are here.”

Then, Xu Cheng began taking a look at the information. Not long after, Wu Gang and the others pushed open the door and came in, immediately saying, “Boss, you were right! They are actually preparing a poker tournament in a week, our eye on their inside got the news. By then, a lot of gambling masters will join, and many wealthy people would be attending this tournament to bet on those masters as they battle. It’s estimated that the amount of cash that’s going to be involved in this event will be very large. Just like you said, this could very much be the stage for them to launder money.”

Xu Cheng immediately announced to everyone, “Li Chao, continue to keep an eye on the inflow and outflow of all accounts inside the casino, including overseas chequing and saving accounts. Wu Gang, continue to keep an eye on the 5 legal representatives and report to me the moment they go anywhere.”

Li Chao: “Yes, Sir!”

Wu Gang: “Yes, Sir!”

At night, outside of Chang Qing’s villa that was located on the outskirt of the city, Xu Cheng parked his car by the road with the headlights off, and only the cigarette butt he was holding was still emitting some light. He took a smoke, laid back onto the chair, and his eyes were still watching everything that was happening inside the villa.

He had a feeling that he didn’t have to go anywhere, because this Chang Qing guy would be the key.

After keeping watch for about an hour, all Xu Cheng saw was Chang Qing doing stuff in the bedroom while the chefs prepared dinner in the kitchen. Not long after, three Maybachs drove into the villa gate.

Xu Cheng immediately became energetic, and his eyes were fixed onto those three cars. Three old men came got out from the cars, and Xu Cheng quickly sketched down the faces of those three elders.

They were about the same age as Chang Qing. Seeing Chang Qing coming out to greet them, Xu Cheng figured that their positions in the organization were probably equal. Xu Cheng suddenly remembered the rumor that there were four hidden kings behind West Gate, instead of just one boss. He had a feeling that this rumor could very be real.

Those four guys were all about the same age, and if they had been working together for a long time, then they should be the four kings of West Gate: Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise.

The Azure Dragon tattoo that Chang Qing revealed earlier was a good supporting piece of evidence, so now, did the other three also have tattoos?

At the thought of this, Xu Cheng’s eyes became more and more focused as his pupils became an even darker color. No one noticed that when he used his penetrating vision, his pupils would become darker with a glimmer of light.

After increasing the strength of the penetration ability, Xu Cheng filtered out the clothes on those old men, and unsurprised, he spotted those tattoos. Now, there was the Vermillion Bird tattoo, the White Tiger Tattoo, but when he looked at the elder that was suppose to have the Black Tortoise tattoo, he noticed that the tattoo was actually smeared.

At this moment, Chang Qing led the other three to an open-air dining space in the backyard, and the dining utensils and wine had already been set up on the table, with a sparkling pool by the side. As they sat down, Chang Qing laughed and lifted his glass. “Come on, cheers for the big order next week!”

Then, the other three also lifted their glasses and clanked them together at the middle of the table.

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