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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 106.2

Chapter 106: Team 2’s Much More Difficult to Deal with than Team 5 (Part two)

From their conversation, it could be concluded that they were the controllers behind West Gate’s money laundering case! As for those 5 legal representatives, they were indeed just puppets that did the surface work. As long as those 5 legal representatives had good public images, the police wouldn’t be able to get anything, since the actual cancerous tumors were these four people!

“Boss, I heard that the police got their eyes on us again?” Vermillion Bird asked curiously.

Chang Qing shook his hand. “Nothing to fear. Team 5 had been after us for over 6 months and they couldn’t get anything. I heard that it’s Team 2 that took over the case, and all of their activities are under our control. They don’t even know that they are being toyed around by us. Haha, thank god for this era of internet communication. We can hide, but as official figures, the police officers can’t at all, and the moment there’s any activity, it would immediately be blown up by the media.”

Nothing to fear?

Xu Cheng sneered, and then he started the engine and drove up to the gate.

The security was a bit curious as to who came. Then, when he saw the man that came out of the Santana, he frowned.

Before he could speak, Xu Cheng directly took out his ID and said, “I received a report that there’s a gathering here planning illegal activities”

The security guard said with a blank expression, “Sorry, you made a mistake. This is a private residence.”

Xu Cheng didn’t give him the chance to continue talking at all as he already walked into the gate. The bodyguard wanted to stop him, but who knew that the moment he put his hand on Xu Cheng’s arm, Xu Cheng would have already caught onto his hand and twisted it, causing the bodyguard to begin sweating from the pain.

“If you dare to interfere, then I can arrest you for hindering law enforcement,” Xu Cheng warned.

At this moment, that Neil guy from the international security company walked over and said, “I will also file a lawsuit against you for trespassing without the proper warrant and uniform. I have remembered your badge number, and I will file a complaint to your superior.”

Xu Cheng glanced him, smiled, and replied, “Fine, I will leave first.”

Just as he got to the gate, Xu Cheng turned around and looked Neil in the eyes. “Mr. Neil, has anyone warned you in the past to not extend your business into Huaxia? Or you will regret it.”

Neil’s eyes narrowed as he watched Xu Cheng smile and leave.

Xu Cheng just wanted to pay a casual visit to let the four old men inside know that the police already had their eyes on them. Don’t you guys think you are hiding so well? I’m just here to tell you to get your head out of your a$$.

After he left, a bodyguard immediately went into the backyard to report.

The four old men that were in the middle of enjoying this meal frowned. “Which police officer?”

“Got it. He’s the new captain of Team 2, the guy in charge of investigating the money laundering case.” The bodyguard looked at his phone and said, “You probably know him too. He’s the guy that got promoted after killing Gate Master Yan.”

“Him?” The four old men slightly paused for a moment. “He’s still not dead? What the fack is that little Qin brat doing? Didn’t I tell him to take care of that guy?”

The bodyguard sighed and replied, “The whole hitmen group got arrested.”

The four old men were shocked.

Then, one of them opened his mouth and asked the other three, “Did our information get exposed?”

Chang Qing narrowed his eyes and replied, “Not necessarily. It might just be a coincidence. Go ask Little Xing (TL Note: aka Master Xing). See if he got tailed and if that is the reason that our location was exposed.”

At this moment, Neil came in and joined the conversation, “He also got my identity, as well as the company that I’m employed by. It seems like Team 2 is a lot more difficult to handle than Team 5. If the four of you want to enjoy peace, then it’s best if you get rid of this person!”

The four old men looked at each other, as if they were still unable to process how they were all exposed.

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