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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 108.1

Chapter 108: World Class Poker Tournament (Part one)

One week later, the five casinos under West Gate jointly hosted a World Class Poker Tournament.

The prize pool was $10 million, attracting poker professionals from all over the world to attend this competition. The largest casino under West Gate held this grand event, and it had been crowded since the early morning, with all kinds of luxurious vehicles spotted in the vicinity and underground parking of the building. Xu Cheng ate his breakfast at a breakfast place outside of the casino. Expressionlessly, he watched the bustling scene at the casino’s entrance.

On the side, Li Chao looked at the foreigners coming in and out and he said while holding open a folder of files, “That’s Lyan, a famous gambler from Las Vegas. He was a frequent visitor to world-class tournaments and championships, and he’s now one of the pros employed at one of the big casinos in Las Vegas.”

“Mike, one of the top five gambling masters in the world.”

“Jackson, the world’s famous dice master.”

“Qianye Zhenyi, Wei Nation’s newest generation’s gambling master.”

When Li Chao was saying all these names and backgrounds, the other members all became extremely curious.

“Holy crap, they actually invited so many pros to help out? Looks like this time, the scale of the money laundering operation is going to be pretty huge, and West Gate’s scared about things potentially going wrong,” Wu Gang said.

Xu Cheng spoke, “They are afraid that some people might intercept the money. But the harder they try to prepare, the more fun we will have.”

“Boss, what are we going to do?” Li Chao asked.

Xu Cheng: “My guy will go into the casino to stir up the setup. We need to intercept the money that’s being laundered and transferred to the client. In addition, we will snipe their financial health situations to trigger problems to force them to use black money (TL Note: unlaundered money, not legally recorded yet) as reinforcement. The moment their casino loses a lot of money today, they will send support over in the form of cash from somewhere else. I will need you to get back up from the Special Police Unit to set up blockades around a one-kilometer radius from the casino to check oncoming vehicles. The moment you see a transport vehicle with lots of cash, seize it immediately and investigate its source.”

At this sentence, Xu Cheng scanned around and said in a serious tone, “Make or break, it will all be decided with the following operation. The time to prove yourselves is here, so don’t disappoint me. Li Chao, you and Wu Gang will be responsible for tracking down the source of the vehicle. Everyone else, accompany the special police unit at the temporary vehicle search checkpoints for the duration of the operation. Everyone, focus and remember to listen for my orders at any time.”

The ten of them all nodded. “Yes, Sir!”

Xu Cheng then waved his hand, scattering the team.

Everyone went to get ready. This week, Xu Cheng already applied for the special police force’s assistance in this capture operation.

When he was drinking a latte by himself, Shen Yao walked in with sunglasses on, sat next to him, and asked, “How are we going to rob them? Hurry and tell me.”

Xu Cheng passed a tiny Bluetooth earpiece to her and said, “Wear this. It’s not convenient for me to do this job because of my identity, but you can. When you get in, just go to whichever table is placing the biggest bets. I will get Chuxue over with the money.”

Shen Yao was a bit shocked. “You are not scared that I will lose the money?”

Xu Cheng smiled. “That’s why I’m telling you to wear this. I will teach you how to play.”

Shen Yao said, “Everyone goes through a gate that scans for electronics before they enter the casino. You think this earpiece can be sneaked in?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Our men on the inside will help you successfully get through the gate.”

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