Chapter 110: Another Pro Coming to Contest (Part one)

As someone that specialized in poker cards, Mike did have impressive skills that included card-catching abilities, which were the result of his keen eyes and fast reflexes. In the world of gambling, he was the top master when it came to grabbing four of the biggest cards from a deck of cards falling from the sky. In this area, if he said he was second place, no one would have the confidence to call first. Whether it was grabbing four cards of the smallest value or the largest value, no one had ever beat him before. His ultimate record was being able to grab 3 aces from scattered cards falling from above.

As for four aces, he had never been able to pull it off. However, in his mind, no one would be able to pull it off. As someone that had been practicing this trick for ages, he knew it was extremely difficult for someone to throw the cards into the air, and then be able to locate four aces with the naked eye as the cards fell down. Then, from locating the cards to jumping up and extending their arm to grab it, it would take at least a few seconds. From the brief moment of the cards falling, it was obviously near-impossible to successfully catch 4 specific cards.

Hearing that Xu Cheng would be competing with Mike in card-catching, Master Qin smiled, and he said to the surrounding spectators that were joining in on the show, “Someone’s actually going to challenge Mike in card-grabbing? Did everyone hear that? I still remember the last time back in Las Vegas when Mike humiliated his challenger by grabbing 3 aces. I very much look forward to seeing this ultimate performance again today.”

The spectators immediately moved back to leave enough room for the two.

However, it seemed like no one was rooting for Xu Cheng, since most haven’t even heard of him.

Mike took out the cards and extended them to Xu Cheng. “Wanna check the cards? Don’t say that I use magnets or something after you lose.”

Xu Cheng’s hands remained in his pocket as he said, “It’s fine, just throw it.”

Mike suddenly threw a deck of cards high into the sky, and everyone immediately held their breaths as they waited for the performance to unfold.

Hualalala ~

54 cards fell slowly from the sky, but at that moment, Xu Cheng didn’t move. He just calmly looked at Mike. In fact, all the cards in the air had already been locked on by him, and as for how far the four aces were from him and at what speed they were falling, he had already calculated them all as well.

Suddenly, Mike moved. He projected himself into the air, and Xu Cheng also moved. He first grabbed the ace of spades that was right above his head, and then when he saw Mike was reaching for the ace of hearts, Xu Cheng gently caught a random card between his index and middle fingers and flicked it out. That card immediately flew towards the ace that Mike was trying to get like a dart, knocking it to change its path and fly towards Xu Cheng instead. Upon grabbing the ace of hearts as well, both of them landed.

Then, Mike located the other two aces and jumped up again. Just when he almost got his hand on the ace of diamond, he suddenly felt like a hand flashed past him. His eyes became dizzy for a moment but he still managed to grab the card that he had his eyes on, thinking it was still the ace he saw. Then, right before landing when he wanted to grab the last ace, he suddenly felt a solid kick on his stomach. Then, his entire body flew out as he rubbed against the floor for over a dozen meters before finally coming to a stop.

When all the cards landed on the floor, Xu Cheng stood in place, shrugging his shoulder to get some cards off of him. Mike felt like something was stuck in his throat, and he almost coughed up a mouthful of blood. He was first stunned, and then when he angrily flipped over the only card he managed to grab, it actually turned out to be the smallest one – a 2!

On the other hand, in Xu Cheng’s hand lied four aces neatly stacked like a fan, completely humiliating Mike in front of everyone.

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