Chapter 111: It’s My Turn Now (Part one)

This person from the Wei Nation spoke Huaxia’s language awkwardly. “Of course, I specialize in dice and defeating you in something I specialize in might not be fair. But, there are so many people here today, and we aren’t gambling money, so what’s important is the performance, isn’t it?”

Xu Cheng felt his hair standing up just from hearing this guy talk, so he immediately stopped him and said, “Mr. Qianye, just talk less and be more straightforward, how do you want to play? And if not money, what else do you want to gamble?”

Qianye Zhenyi laughed and said, “Very well, then I will get to the point. Let’s compete in dice-shaking, and the loser will leave. From 1 to 6 dice, how many do you want to play with?”

Xu Cheng laughed and asked, “Only 6? Why not play with 10?”

Qianye Zhenyi immediately laughed out as well. “Are you joking with me, Mr. Xu? I was just saying 6 as the maximum number based on the fact that you might not know how to play. Each additional dice increases the difficulty exponentially, and not to mention 6, normal dice masters can barely handle 4.”

Xu Cheng replied, “I’m not joking with you, let’s just go with 10 dice.”

Master Qin came closer to Qianye Zhenyi’s ears and asked, “Is it going to be a problem?”

Qianye Zhenyi snorted, “Since he wants to be humiliated, then I will grant his wish!”

Immediately, he gestured towards Xu Cheng, as if saying go ahead, and the two of them walked to a table. Then, someone brought over the dice and cups.

A lot of people came over to the table again to watch. Today, besides gambling, these guests also wanted to witness the brilliant performance of some gambling masters. Just like soccer or basketball, watching a game is fun and all, but it will be even more thrilling if they could also see the pros showing off their skills.

It was a rectangular table, with Qianye Zhenyi on one end and Xu Cheng on the other.

Qianye Zhenyi looked around at the audience in a very gentleman-like manner, and then he looked towards Xu Cheng and asked, “Big or small?”

Xu Cheng thought for a second. In fact, he wasn’t good with dice, but he immediately thought of a different way to win against this guy. He calmly said, “What’s the challenge in competing for big or small?”

These provocative words immediately ignited the crowd.

Qianye Zhenyi frowned, “No challenge? Then how do you want to play?”

Xu Cheng said, “If we are both pros at dice-shaking, then when both of us gets the dice into a tower with 1 at the top, who’s winning that round then? I just feel that it’s not fun since that’s all people do when it comes to competing in dice. This is just a game that tests a person’s hearing and shaking abilities, and since that’s the case, why not go for a more difficult game? For example, let’s guess the number that each other rolls, how about that?”

Qianye Zhenyi hesitated for a moment.

The crowd immediately sensed the fresh and stimulating feeling of the new playstyle, and they were immediately on board and cheered, “Yeah, why not try to listen for the numbers the opponent rolled? That’s going to be the true test of a master’s skill.”

Seeing Qianye Zhenyi frown, Master Qin came closer to him again and asked, “Are you not good at this?”

Qianye Zhenyi said, “No, it’s just that this game will be extremely difficult, and almost no one can accurately guess the other guy’s dice. However, since I can shake out the dice numbers I want, then I can also guess the dice the other guy shakes out, so it’s still very easy for me to beat him.”

Master Qin: “Very well, then I look forward to your performance.”

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