Chapter 112: Holy Crap, This Works Too? (Part one)

After Xu Cheng put all 10 dice into the cup, he tried to shake it too, but he wasn’t careful enough and two dice flew out. It turned out that Xu Cheng knew nothing about dice-shaking, and the crowd was immediately shocked speechless by this turn of events.

Thank god Shen Yao didn’t show that she was with Xu Cheng, or she would be so embarrassed that she would try to dig a hole into the ground to hide.

Xu Cheng indeed didn’t have a clue on how to shake the dice cup, or he wouldn’t have proposed this kind of “guess your number” game.

When he put the dice back into the cup, he started shaking again and this time, at least no dice came out.

However, this also exposed that he was a newbie, and Qianye Zhenyi who had been extremely worried was now relieved. Immediately, he began to focus on listening for how the dice were rolling inside Xu Cheng’s cup.

To be honest, 10 dice rolling around at the same time was extremely hard to listen for, and he was also not 100% confident with his guess. But, according to the rule, he could win as long as he was within 2 above or below the correct value. If he could win this round, then he could at least drag it onto the second round. He still optimistically believed that Xu Cheng got his answer right by luck.

But, suddenly, his ears began hearing complicated sound frequencies inside the cup, and when Qianye Zhenyi immediately looked up and towards Xu Cheng, he shockingly realized that he couldn’t see Xu Cheng’s shaking motion clearly at all.

That’s right, with his ultra-fast hand speed, Xu Cheng significantly sped up the rolling and bouncing frequencies of the dice inside the cup.

Seeing Qianye Zhenyi’s eyelids twitching, Xu Cheng faintly smiled, and his eyes were looking at him as if he was saying, “You wanna listen? You wanna listen, right? Let’s see if you can still track my dice when I shake it 5 times per second and make the dice’s movements become more and more drastic inside the cup. Give it a listen, I don’t believe you can guess any of them right.”

This was what Xu Cheng was planning. He didn’t know how to shake dice, so he would definitely lose if Qianye Zhenyi wanted to shake dice to compete for the smallest or largest value. However, Xu Cheng could play this guessing game. Firstly, his vision could penetrate the cup and see the exact face value of the dice. Then, his super fast hand speed could interfere with Qianye Zhenyi’s hearing. Together, he was definitely going to win this.

The more Qianye Zhenyi listened, the more he felt like his brain was going crazy with all the nonsense his ears were picking up. Immediately, he began sweating beads again.

Xu Cheng suddenly stopped and slammed the cup onto the table. Then, removing his hand from the table, he looked at Qianye Zhenyi and said, “You can guess now.”

Qianye Zhenyi’s whole brain was like congee right now, what was he going to guess? He couldn’t make any guess at all, that frequency completely facked him up.

Seeing Qianye Zhenyi covered in sweat, Master Qin frowned as he came over and asked, “What happened?”

“I…” Qianye Zhenyi didn’t know what to say… He was really anxious with all these people watching, and he didn’t want to answer Xu Cheng’s question and humiliate himself, because he couldn’t make any confident guess at all…

“Hurry up, what’s the answer!” many spectators from the crowd began shouting.

Shen Yao immediately led the crowd and shouted, “Were you just boasting about your skills earlier? Mr. Qianye, could it be that you bought your reputation in the gambling community?”

“How’s that possible!” Qianye Zhenyi shouted, “Who in the gambling industry doesn’t recognize my dice skills?”

Shen Yao: “Then why aren’t you answering?”

Qianye Zhenyi closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down. Then, using his past experience, he made a rough guess. After awhile, he finally opened his mouth, “I guess 35.”

Xu Cheng immediately lifted the cup, but the dice inside turned out to be 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 5, 5, 6.

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