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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 112.2

Chapter 112: Holy Crap, This Works Too? (Part two)

Seeing the dice, Xu Cheng smiled and said, “31 in total, even if I give or take 2 from your answer, your guess is still not close enough. Mr. Qianye, you lost.”

Qianye’s face was already as pale as could be as he looked at the table in disbelief.

He didn’t expect at all to lose to a rookie with no reputation on such a formal occasion.

“No, no, you couldn’t have accurately guessed my dice. It must’ve been luck!”

At that moment, some people began mocking him, “Are you dumb? You can guess the final value purely by luck, but Mr. Xu got every single dice correct! How’s that luck? If you can’t accept defeat, then don’t play. What the fack are you trying to say now?”

“Yeah, and you shamelessly came over to our country saying you are a master with dice, but you couldn’t even guess the total value. A master? I think you are more of a clown.”

Qianye Zhenyi was furious, and he glared at those audience members and then stared back at Xu Cheng with bloodshot eyes. “I’m not convinced! You just got lucky, so it doesn’t count!”

The audience was immediately against him. “Shameless.”

Qianye Zhenyi’s face was as thick as his dice skills, and he wasn’t fazed by the disdain of the crowd at all.

Xu Cheng asked, “Okay, then what do you propose we play so luck doesn’t play a factor but only skill does?”

Qianye Zhenyi snorted, “Let’s compete in shaking the dice to get the biggest or smallest value! That has always been the right way to decide who’s better! The guessing game is too dependent on luck, there’s no skill involved at all.”

Xu Cheng shrugged his shoulders. “Sure, then let’s see who can get the smallest value, how’s that?”

Qianye Zhenyi, “I was going to say that too. How many dice do you want to play with?”

Xu Cheng: “Let’s just do 5.”

Then, Qianye Zhenyi immediately ate all 5 dice with his cup and began shaking nonstop.

What was really killing Shen Yao was, Xu Cheng still put the dice into the cup one by one to shake.

The two people showed no intention of stopping, and although their eyes were locked, Qianye Zhenyi’s ears were already focused on what was going on inside his cup. Finally, both of them slammed their cups onto the table.

Xu Cheng: “You can go first.”

Qianye Zhenyi lifted the cup, and everyone just saw 5 dice stacked on top of each other, and the one on top was a one. When Qianye Zhenyi removed the dice one by one from the top, every dice was a one.

On his side, Master Qin laughed satisfyingly and said, “Each dice is a one, making the total five, the smallest you can get.”

Xu Cheng interrupted him, “Wait, why’s five the smallest?”

Master Qin stared at him with the “are you kidding me” expression and replied, “The smallest value of each dice is 1, and there are five. What’s the smallest total value if not 5?”

The crowd also thought Master Qin was right.

However, at that moment, Xu Cheng lifted his cup and said, “This should be the smallest.”

When the crowd came close, they just saw that all the dice had been shaken into powder form. There was no dice anymore… Everyone took in a cold breath.

Xu Cheng smiled, revealing his teeth, and said, “Mine is 0 in total. Sorry, it’s smaller than yours, so I’m the winner again.”

Master Qin glared right at him. “What the fack is this? There’s no dice anymore, how’s that possibly allowed?”

Xu Cheng directly pointed at Qianye Zhenyi and said, “If he’s such a pro, get him to shake the dice into powder too! If he’s not capable of doing that, then just accept defeat. Nowhere in the rules does it say that 5 is an automatic winner, so I just want to ask you two, do you have the balls to accept defeat?”


Qianye Zhenyi coughed up blood from his throat.

Holy fack, this works too?

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