Chapter 114: The Opponent’s Bluff (Part one)

The Middle-Eastern guest had to look at Shen Yao with a different eye. He didn’t expect her to be so rich, but that was for the best, since that meant their families were in the same class.

“My name is Joseph.”

Shen Yao didn’t care what his name was. She just lifted her eyebrows and said, “Are you calling or not?”

Joseph laughed, feeling that things were getting interesting.

“20 million!” he shouted and threw down 20 million in chips. No matter how much he put on the line, he thought the casino would make sure that he won it back, and that was why he was so fearless.

The other two guys were still looking around. The wager was getting a bit big, and one guy finally folded after taking one last look at his hand. The other guy was still holding on, and he threw in 20 million as well.

“I call.”

When the dealer gave out the fourth card, just with the two cards revealed for each player, Joseph had the bigger hand. Of course, the overall value still had to include the two hidden cards in each player’s hand, and that was the exciting part about this game. With a total of 5 cards, 2 hidden and 3 revealed, the players could begin raising their bet from the third card that was dealt revealed and see if it was worth gambling with the combinations one had. However, the opponents could also look at the revealed cards to guess what your best hand could be and then decide to call your raise or not.

Very clearly, judging by the revealed cards, Joseph probably had the best hand.

As for Shen Yao, her revealed cards were 5 and 8, which did not look goodl for her at all.

But, Shen Yao smiled and threw in 50 million. “I raise 50 million, who wants to follow?”

Joseph gave Shen Yao a glance, and then at the casino staff, laughing inside. “This casino really thought of everything. In addition to giving me money, they even chose to let a beautiful girl be the delivery girl? Could this be the dessert the casino prepared for me?”

Right then, he looked at the dealer, but the dealer also didn’t have complete confidence that he gave Joseph the best hand, so he only remained still and didn’t give Joseph any signal.

Joseph didn’t care anymore. How could he allow a woman to ride on top of him like this? Besides, he was also trying to get into this girl’s panties, so he couldn’t admit defeat right now. He must let Shen Yao see that he was a very generous and rich guy.

“50 million, I follow.”

Shen Yao laughed. At the same time, Xu Cheng who had been spectating also laughed. This was why he needed a girl to help, a beautiful girl especially. At least a beautiful girl could get people to drop their guard and be less vigilant, since no one would expect the beauty to be so good at gambling and digging holes for others to jump in.

The other player snorted and folded.

When the dealer continued onto the fifth card, Shen Yao got a 7 of a different suit. Seeing this, Joseph and the dealer both smiled. In this situation, the best hand Shen Yao could get was a straight. But, that was only if her two hidden cards were a 6 and either a 4 or 9! Not to mention how slim the odds of getting a 6, but even if she got a 6, it was also very unlikely that the other card was a 4 or 9! So, Joseph thought that this girl was too cute, not knowing how to play at all.

On the side, the other two players were all regretting that they gave up too early, seeing how easy this opponent was.

Only Shen Yao knew that her hidden cards were exactly a 6 and 9, making her hand a straight. However, what really shocked Shen Yao was, how did Xu Cheng know? Before her last card was dealt, her hand was really a mess, almost the worst kind of all. But, that fifth card was a 7 and actually connected all her other cards, making her hand a straight! If she could talk right now, she really wanted to ask Xu Cheng through her earpiece, “How did you know?!”

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