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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 116.1

Chapter 116: Joseph’s Chance (Part one)

It was easy to see Shen Yao’s emotions from her face. When she got a good hand, there would be sparkling light in her eyes, and when she got a bad hand, she would subconsciously frown.

Maybe Xu Cheng also saw this weakness of hers, but it was too late to get her to fix that shortcoming. He could only utilize this to lay out the next trap.

When Shen Yao sat back down for another round, the dealer began dealing cards again.

Shen Yao also told her bodyguard to put all the chips out on the sideline as he stood beside her.

At the backstage, Shen Yao’s profile was already on Master Qin’s table. No wonder she looked so familiar to him, she turned out to be Mr. Shen’s treasured daughter. It was also now clear how she was able to take out so much money to play.

Shen Yao’s father’s assets were valued in the tens of billions, and plus he only had her daughter as his successor after his son died, so he especially treasured this daughter of his. However, they didn’t know that Shen Yao was in a big fight with her dad, but her dad did indeed feel guilty towards her and listened to everything she said.

“This Miss Shen’s usually very rebellious, she’s probably not here to mess with us.” Master Qin saw how Shen Yao lost a few more rounds in a row and said to his men, “There’s no need to keep an eye on her anymore. Watch the others, especially those from Las Vegas.”

Shen Yao consecutively lost more rounds and gave away a few millions, and those few millions allowed the other two players on the table to taste some sweetness.

In fact, Xu Cheng purposely told Shen Yao to fold, because it would only seem normal if she were to win some and lose some.

In the new round when Shen Yao was about to check on her face-down cards, Xu Cheng suddenly realized something and said to the bodyguard by Shen Yao’s side, “Seven o’clock of Shen Yao, there’s a hidden camera. Someone’s probably using that camera to cheat. Just shuffle over a few centimeters to block it.”

The bodyguard received the order and immediately moved a little to one side, just enough to block the camera.

“Fack!” the staff at the casino that was prepared to help Joseph win back the money immediately saw something blocking the camera and got pissed. He then said to the dealer through the earpiece, “Camera blocked, I can’t see that girl’s cards anymore. You will have to make the call yourself.”

The dealer frownd and glanced at the bodyguard behind Shen Yao. Seeing him just standing there expressionlessly, he couldn’t see any emotion or intention on his face.

Now, there was no way for them to peek at Shen Yao’s cards and then give signals to Joseph. All of this happened without Shen Yao knowing.

Xu Cheng took a look, and when the dealer was about to deal the hands, he already predicted what each player’s hand would look like. So, before the cards were dealt, he reminded Shen Yao, “Hey woman, there’s no need to be so obvious with the expressions on your face, okay? At least do a little acting, or just be more calm. I know you are very excited from winning a couple hundred million yuan, but you do know that you won that money for me, right?”

Yep, immediately after hearing that, Shen Yao felt depressed right away. At the thought that the hundreds of millions of yuan that she just won didn’t have much to do with her, she immediately displayed a discouraged expression.

That was right, that was the expression Xu Cheng wanted Shen Yao to put on her face, because her hand would be really good in this round.

Joseph and the other two players all narrowed their eyes as they tried to read Shen Yao. Seeing how she looked a bit depressed after getting those two face-down cards, they immediately guessed that this girl’s hand was pretty bad this round.

“The smallest card holder, open,” the dealer said to Shen Yao.

Correct, Shen Yao had a 5 of diamonds, which was the smallest revealed card on the table, and the dealer was asking if she wanted to bet.

“100 thousand,” Shen Yao said, not sounding very excited at all.

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  1. Just why are you chaning the form of dress so badly? Some chapter ago you even let the mc call her Dude…. seriously he just called her Sister, and he is calling her Big Sister but you let him call her woman… please stay closer to the original or you will ruin the chinese flair.

    • WTF? Am I drunk?

      Just why are you *changing the form of address so badly? Some chapter ago you even let the mc call her Dude…. seriously he just called her Sister, and he is calling her Big Sister but you let him call her woman… please stay closer to the original or you will ruin the chinese flair.

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