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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 116.2

Chapter 116: Joseph’s Chance (Part two)

When it was Joseph’s turn, he just casually threw in a million. “Raise, one million.”

The other two players both raised as well.

When the second revealed cards were dealt, Shen Yao got an 8 of diamonds.

Joseph saw that he had the 3 and 5 of hearts as his face-up cards, and 4 and 6 of hearts as his face-down cards, and he couldn’t be more excited, praying to every god there was to get another heart. If it was another heart, then he would at least have a flush! If he could get a 2 and 7, then it would be a straight flush! That would be one of the top hands to get.

However, Joseph felt it was quite a pity because he knew Shen Yao’s temper of folding right away if she didn’t get a good hand. What a pity for such a good hand he got this round, it would be unfortunate that he couldn’t win the couple hundred million back.

So, Joseph tried to contain his excitement, and he wanted to trick more people to raise before harvesting!

He coughed and sighed. “Looks like I didn’t pray enough before coming here today, I’m  always getting crappy hands. But, being generous has always been my style. I’ll raise 5 million.”

The other two players saw his face-up cards and then Shen Yao’s, both of which didn’t have high-value cards, so they decided to risk it and call the raise this round.



Joseph then looked at Shen Yao. “Your turn now, my beautiful lady. You indeed shocked me with that large win, I didn’t expect a girl to be so bold and courageous.”

He was praising but also provoking Shen Yao.

Shen Yao just smiled and replied, “After winning so much money, I should at least give some back when I get a bad hand. Five million, I call as well.”

When the dealer dealt everyone their third card, Shen Yao got a 9 of diamonds, so now, her face up cards were 5, 8, and 9, all of the same suit.

On Joseph’s side, he couldn’t feel more excited and he was just one step away from shouting loudly and throwing all of his money in. Just as he prayed, he got a heart, and even the 7 of hearts! Now, his hand was 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, which was a straight flush!

Then, seeing Shen Yao’s face-up cards, although they were all of the same suit, they were only 5, 8, and 9, with a 6 and 7 missing to be a straight flush! The difficulty of getting those two was through the roof, and even if the dealer dealt two more cards of the diamond suit, Shen Yao would only have a flush, while Joseph got a straight flush!

Seeing Joseph and Shen Yao’s face-up cards, the other two players were both quite scared, because both of them didn’t get any cards with the diamond or heart suits. This meant the probability of Joseph and Shen Yao getting those cards just got a lot higher.

But, even if Joseph and Shen Yao got a single card of a different suit, then the two’s hands were basically trashed. Now, it all came down to who had the balls. If you get it right, then you win tons of money; if you got it wrong, then you would fall into an abyss.

“Joseph, with 7 points, you can speak first,” the dealer said.

Joseph directly threw in 10 million. “We are already in the fifth round, it’s not my style to give up now.”

The other two players looked at his face, wanting to see if he was acting.

One of them took a look at his hand and saw that the biggest hand he had was a pair of aces, so he decided to fold.

Meanwhile, the other player got a straight. He gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll call your raise.”

Joseph laughed and looked towards Shen Yao. “Your turn.”

Shen Yao frowned, pretending to be struggling.

Xu Cheng couldn’t help but compliment her, “I have to give you a perfect score for your acting.”

In fact, Shen Yao was trying even harder than Joseph to shout out of excitement and go all in, because her hand was simply too godlike! However, this might be the last chance she had to get as much money as possible from this guy, so she must not mess it up.

“Mr. Joseph, can you guess what kind of hand I have this time?” Shen Yao asked.

Joseph laughed and said, “There’s only a one-in-a-hundred chance that you have a straight flush, and a 7% chance that you have a flush. Based on my guess, I think you have a flush at best, or maybe just a straight.”

Shen Yao laughed, “Then Mr. Joseph, are you scared?”

Joseph smiled and replied nonchalantly, “You want to get some clues on what my hand is? I just want to say that as long as you raise, I don’t mind accompanying you for another thrilling round.”

“Then what are we waiting for? 20 million!” Shen Yao was straight to the point.

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