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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 117.2

Chapter 117: Operation (Part two)

“Nope.” Joseph patted his chest. “I wasn’t scared, I was just shocked that you really don’t know how to play.”

Joseph immediately got his company’s foreign exchange account to take out a line of credit of 200 million US dollars, and he directly put down 500 million yuan as well.

“I call.”

Shen Yao only had the one billion yuan Xu Cheng gave her. Plus Xu Cheng’s real estate that could be used as collateral, she had a total of 1.6 billion yuan to work with. Seeing how hesitant she was, Xu Cheng immediately said to her, “Just call, don’t chicken out. You chickening out will spell bankruptcy for me now. If you feel guilty about me losing all my money, then you just need to cover my meals in the future.”

In her heart, Shen Yao said to herself, “Deal.”

If that was really the case, then she really hoped Xu Cheng would lose all his money.

“500 million.” After Shen Yao raised, she looked at Joseph, her eyes filled with determination.

Joseph began panicking a bit. After all, there was so much money on the table, and his opponent seemed to be going all in. Normally, if someone did that, then the decision must be backed by a strong hand. At the thought of this, Joseph looked towards the dealer, hoping for some advice. In the past few rounds, the dealer constantly gave him looks since he could check on Shen Yao’s hand with the hidden camera. But now, the camera got blocked, and the dealer also wasn’t confident anymore as well.

Sensing Joseph’s look, the dealer could only lower his head and not give an answer.

Fack it! Joseph slammed the desk and shouted, “500 million!”

Shen Yao immediately responded, “1 billion!”

Joseph’s eyes twitched. Taking another look at his hand, it was a straight flush, what was he scared of? Just because the woman that had been hesitating now became more determined? How could he be suppressed by a woman?

“I’m the tail this round, 1 billion, let’s reveal!” Joseph felt the round should end now, or both sides would be out of money to put on the table.

Revealing his two face-down cards, he said, “3, 4, 5, 6, 7, a straight flush! Let’s just say you got lucky and got a flush, but so what? Can you beat me? Beautiful Lady, I told you, you really don’t know how to play.”

Shen Yao flipped over her 7 of diamonds, and then she flipped over her last face-down card. “Then what about another straight on top of the flush?”

On the table, the cards making up a 9-high straight flush were all displayed.

Joseph’s eyes almost popped out after seeing this, and he immediately fell from the chair.

Xu Cheng took out the earpiece from his ear right away, and sure enough, for someone like Shen Yao who had never won this much money before, she delivered an unprecedented scream at the very next moment, one with a dolphin-like high pitch that could pierce a man’s eardrum.

The bodyguard immediately began helping Shen Yao pack up the chips.

Joseph suddenly climbed up from the ground, grabbed onto the dealer’s collar, and shouted, “You dare to play me like this? Go and facking get your boss out!”

Then, he punched the dealer in the face out of anger and immediately took out his phone to directly call the middleman behind this money-laundering deal.

Xu Cheng immediately told the technician, “Eavesdrop on his phone call right now. See who he’s calling.”

The officer nodded and got on it right away.

Joseph naturally didn’t know that his phone was being tracked. The moment the call went through, the technician immediately said in amazement, “Captain Xu, it’s Chang Qing.”

Xu Cheng: “Record the call.”

Joseph went to the washroom and shouted, “You m*therfacker, give me an explanation. Just now, I didn’t get a single cent from the money I’m laundering, and I even lost 300 million of my company’s money. Mr. Qin, are you playing me?”

On the other end, Chang Qing’s face immediately changed. “Mr. Joseph, calm down. I think we are getting sniped today. How about this, let’s temporarily pause for today, and I will get you the money that’s supposed to be laundered to you through the underground money house first.”

Joseph was not satisfied. “Then what about the 300 million dollars I lost?”

Chang Qing: “Mr. Joseph, the casino doesn’t have that much money to give you. Go with my people right now, and they will take you to the underground money house. I will meet you there and talk to you.”

Joseph: “Okay.”

Not long after, Joseph left with one of the managers of the casino in a Mercedes sedan.

Xu Cheng immediately said to the mic, “Li Chao, Wu Gang, commence the operation. There’s a Mercedes S600 sedan with plate number ******, tail him.”

Having long been ready on stand by, Li Chao and Wu Gang immediately became energetic and answered, “Yes, Sir!”

Then, they got into an undercover car, and their GPS received the satellite tracking signal from the technicians at the command center.

Xu Cheng immediately said to the undercover police officer responsible for protecting Shen Yao, “Keep her safe, evacuate her right away.”

Then, Xu Cheng said to the other officers at the command center, “Tell the tax bureau that they can move now.”

“Yes, Sir!” The technician immediately picked up the phone and dispatched the team from the tax bureau that had been on standby, who directly went into the casino for a raid. Today, a lot of cash there would have unclear sources, and this time, they wouldn’t have the time to prepare the books.

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  1. Deemon900

    I thought that xu cheng had about 10billion not 1.6billion. And wasn’t his wife gonna give the money? Might just be me remembering incorrectly.

  2. You missed some sentences.

    Here are the mtld sentence’s that are missing:

    “No.” Joseph patted himself on the chest. “I’m not scared, I just think you don’t really play cards, miss.”

    Shen Yao frowned: “Do you follow or not?”

    No comparison is stupid! A raise of 100 million US dollars, do you say I follow?

    Joseph immediately used his Middle Eastern company’s foreign exchange bank to guarantee a 200 million U.S. dollar out of cross-border transfers, and then directly put 500 million soft sister coins down.

    And the last sentence block has also some details missing here is the full block mtld:

    “Yes!” The technician immediately picked up the phone and dispatched the staff of the tax bureau that had been arranged to directly enter the casino for a surprise inspection. Today, many sources of funds inside the casino will be unknown. The previous account survey was actually used for confrontation. Those healthy financial funds are a limit. Once the funds prepared by the casino today exceed the amount checked on that day, that part of the money is explained. It’s all unknown!

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