Chapter 118: Falling at the Last Hurdle? (Part one)

After Chang Qing hung up, he walked out to the yard. His bodyguard Neil drove over the Mercedes sedan, left the villa, and went straight to the underground money house.

But not long after that, an undercover car from West Gate that was following the Mercedes sedan called Chang Qing, “Boss, you are being followed. The car behind you is a cop.”

Chang Qing narrowed his eyes. “Block him!”

The undercover sedan got the order, and the driver immediately stepped on the gas and rear-ended Li Chao’s car.

Li Chao cursed, got off the car, and shouted, “What are you doing?”

The three people from the sedan came down and smiled. “Sorry, we take full responsibility.”

Li Chao knew that his cover was blown, but now was also not good to chase after the Mercedes. When he went to stop the engine of the car, he said to the mic, “Target is heading for Second Ring Road. #2, go and take over.”

After seeing the Mercedes had driven over, the officer that was waiting at the intersection said, “#2 got it. I’m tailing him.”

He was in a taxi, and Chang Qing wouldn’t expect the police to tail him in a taxi. However, he already became more vigilant. He immediately called the casino, “Hello? Qin, immediately transfer that part of the funds. I don’t care what you do, get it done. The news of our operation probably got leaked, we are getting sniped!”

On the casino end, Master Qin’s eyes immediately twitched, and he said to his men in a deep voice, “Transfer away the funds. Besides the part on the book stored at the safe, transfer away the rest. Go and contact the other guests to get them to leave first. We are probably getting sniped by the police! Also, go and keep an eye on the lady that won from Joseph. Intercept her and don’t let her get away with the money!”

His men immediately replied, “Master Qin, that Miss Shen Yao already disappeared!”

“Fack!” Master Qin swore, and when he got out of his office, he already saw tons of police officers flooding into the first-floor lobby.

Master Qin’s face darkened, and he turned around to his men and said in a deep voice, gritting his teeth, “Hurry up, I will try to delay them. You guys go and get the excess billions from the vault and transfer them away, right now!”

Then, he immediately walked down the stairs.

There were people from a tax bureau leading a team of officers. There were about 40 to 50 of them, and it was a surprise raid.

The representative of the tax bureau directly showed a document signed by the police HQ and said, “Someone reported that there is a money-laundering operation today at your casino, and we want to check your books and funds.”

Master Qin smiled. “Didn’t someone come over to check a few days ago? I remember that nothing was wrong. Why is there a surprise check today without any warning? Officer Liao, did our casino do something wrong these days? How come we are receiving so much attention from you guys?”

This Officer Liao from the tax bureau said, “Sorry, it was the local bureau that came last time, and this time we are from the city bureau. A few days ago, it was strange because your books were too normal, and logically speaking, every casino would have some problems with their bookkeeping. You guys were too normal on the bookkeeping and that actually makes it abnormal. Excuse us for the inconvenience, but please take us to your finance room, or don’t blame us for disrupting your business today. This is a signed search warrant and it gives us the authority to execute first before reporting.”

Master Qin only wanted to swear right now.

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