Chapter 118: Falling at the Last Hurdle? (Part two)

Just then, one of his men rushed over and whispered into his ears, “Master Qin, all the money was transferred into the vans and have been taken out from the backdoor.

Master Qin finally felt a bit of relief. Then, he calmly said to the people from the tax bureau, “Then take your time.”

However, the vans coming out from their backdoor that contained tons of cash were all captured by Xu Cheng’s eyes. He immediately said to Wu Gang, “At the back of the casino, there are 2 Toyota vans containing large amounts of cash. Intercept it right away!”

Wu Gang: “Yes, Sir!”

After hanging up, he gave the signal to the special police unit officers that were on standby, and everyone suddenly came out from hiding. Fully armed, they directly stopped the two vans that just came out from the back of the casino.


Seeing the rows of police and cold gun barrels that surrounded them, the drivers immediately began sweating and subconsciously stepped on the brake.

Wu Gang led a few officers around to the back right away, and they opened up the van from the back one after another. After ripping open the bags, they saw tons of cash. Wu Gang immediately smiled and reported, “Boss, we intercepted them and seized a large amount of cash!”

Xu Cheng: “Very good. Bring the money to Officer Liao, and detain everyone involved.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Xu Cheng got into his car and drove to another route. He was going after the route tailing Chang Qing. After switching channels, he asked, “How’s tailing Joseph so far?”

Li Chao: “Both him and Chang Qing’s vehicles seemed to be heading off to the direction of the north-south suburbs. I remember that there is a famous summer resort in that area, and it’s frequently visited by the rich and the powerful. There’s a rumor that the resort is also a property under West Gate, and it’s normally used to treat important guests.”

Xu Cheng: “Dispatch the special police unit to surround that place right away, I think the underground money house is there.”

Li Chao: “Yes, Sir!”

Right after, Xu Cheng said to the officers that were still tailing them, “You guys can withdraw now, I will continue following them.”

But at that moment, the two tails on Chang Qing and Joseph both replied, “Boss, they turned around and went in the opposite direction now. Did someone leak our operation to them?”

Xu Cheng paused for a moment.

Suddenly changing directions, that means they noticed that they were being followed. Was there a mole in the police system?

At the next moment, he immediately asked Li Chao, “Did you already call the special police unit?”

Li Chao: “Yeah.”

Xu Cheng slammed his fist on the steering wheel. The operation today was not simply to screw West Gate’s casinos, but also Chang Qing and the others that were behind this whole thing. It would be best if they could get the underground money house too! As long as this group of people escaped, West Gate would recover… Now, the big fish was about to get away?

If they couldn’t completely eradicate West Gate, then they would become a lot more cautious in the future, making the task significantly harder.

“Boss, what do we do now?” Li Chao seemed to know that someone had leaked the news to Chang Qing, which meant that they had someone in the police system that could directly get into contact with him. He was also getting very anxious.

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