Chapter 119: Operation’s Not Over (Part one)

Chang Qing decided to temporarily stop Joseph’s car from going to the underground money house and go back to his villa.

Joseph’s face was grim as he said, “Give me an explanation.”

Chang Qing rubbed his temples and said, “Sir, right now one of our casino has been seized, and the money we lost is far greater than you. At a time like this, it’s already good enough if I can guarantee that you are not caught by the Huaxia police.”

Joseph lifted his eyebrows. “What? Your casino getting seized is your business, and what you are saying is, the 1 billion US dollars that I should be getting is not coming, right?”

Chang Qing said, “Don’t be nervous, my guy in the police system just phoned me that we got tailed, and if we go to the underground money house right now, we would both have been caught.”

“I don’t care, you guys promised to take care of this task, and something going wrong on your end is none of my business. I’m only responsible for getting the money and then going back to my country, so you don’t need to explain to me this kind of stuff. If you fack this deal up, then I will make things hell for you and the underground money house you guys have business with.” Joseph wasn’t saving Master Qin any face.

Chang Qing gave him a cigar and assured him, “We just got one casino seized, which isn’t the worst case for us. Mr Joseph, I promise you, as long as our four brothers are still here, we will try our best to fill up the gap in your funds. You should trust me and leave Huaxia right away. Later on I will transfer your money back to you through the underground money house.”

“No, right now I’m doubting your abilities. I won’t go back if I don’t see the money first. Also, I lost about 300 million US dollars, I even suspect you guys were deliberately trying to dupe my money. What’s with that girl? I can see she’s not good at cards at all, yet she keeps winning! During critical moments, your casino staff didn’t even give me any clear signals for whether I should call or not. Really, I’ve seen through your ways. Let me tell you, here are two things. First, I take my money and leave. Second, if anything happens to me here, then sorry, the big clients of the Middle East behind me will not let you off the hook.”

Chang Qing’s face slightly changed. During the recent years, West Gate relied heavily on the gray income of these large clients to be able to thrive to the point that they were at today. If they screwed up this time, then they would likely lose most of their international clients, which would be extremely bad for the future development of West Gate.

“Mr. Joseph, give me one day. As long as we get through today not doing anything, the police will probably stop after arresting some people. We’ve been in business for a long time now, so you know we already built a trustworthy reputation.”

Joseph gritted his teeth and said, “Fine, but you guys must fill up the 300 million US dollars I lost.”

Chang Qing: “That’s impossible. You lost the money yourself, and we will only earn 50 million US dollars from this deal, where would we find you the 300 million? Mr. Joseph, please don’t step over the line.”

Joseph slammed his hand on the table. “Then go ask your dealer, what the fack was he trying to pull. Multiple times, he gave that woman a better hand yet he didn’t warn me. I really don’t believe it if you say this wasn’t a trap set by you guys! Mr. Chang, if you want to play me like this, then you can go talk to my boss!”

Outside the villa, Xu Cheng was listening to everything that was going on in the house, including every single word that was said. Very well, the plan of getting Shen Yao to win tons of Joseph’s money worked. Now, this guy didn’t know how to fill the huge hole of losses that he incurred and had no choice but to ask for help from West Gate.

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