Chapter 119: Operation’s Not Over (Part two)

Since you guys want to hide, then I will stir up this sh*t even more and make you guys fight harder! Xu Cheng thought.

Xu Cheng still had another trump card, and that was the other client that was involved in money-laundering. Earlier, they also got information on another boss that runs a domestic freight company that was also involved in smuggling. He must have support from people in South Asia, or his business wouldn’t have been able to thrive to the point it was at now. Now, this businessman was already arrested during the seizing of the casino, and if he were to spread the news that he was set up by West Gate and swindled out of the money he was supposed to launder, things would get pretty interesting.

At the thought of this, Xu Cheng picked up his phone and called Wu Gang, “Go to the prison and get someone from North Gate. It’s best if it’s a guy that has a lot of connections in the underground world. Get him to cooperate on something.”

Wu Gang immediately nodded and answered, “Boss, I know what to do now.”

Xu Cheng: “Oh right, order some takeout and send it over for me. I’m going to stay here today until we get them all. Tell everyone that the operation’s not over. The big fish hasn’t even been caught yet.”

Wu Gang: “Yes, right away, Boss.”

After hanging up, Xu Cheng leaned back on the chair and continued to eavesdrop on everything going on inside the villa. During this period of time, the conversation between Chang Qing and Joseph already revealed a lot of clues. First of all, Chang Qing had tight business connections with the underground money house, and it was no wonder that West Gate could operate five casinos at once. It turned out that they had big sugar daddies behind their back.

During the half-day period, the news of the police seizing one of West Gate’s largest casinos spread like wildfire. In the underground world, that guy from North Gate that was let out already got into contact with the South Asian force behind that freight company’s boss, and told them all about how the money wasn’t received and the casino was seized instead. Not long after, Xu Cheng heard Chang Qing getting a call.

Seeing the number on the screen, Chang Qing’s face slightly changed.


“Mr. Chang, where are you?”
“I’m at home.”

“But my business partner’s at the police station, can you tell me what’s going on?”

Chang Qing wiped the sweat off his forehead. “Allow me to explain.”

“Shut the fack up. Now, think of a way to get my business partner out of the police station and then wire over the 500 million dollars we asked you to launder plus another 100 million in compensation through the underground money house. If you fail to meet either one of the conditions, then I will make your villa a crime scene!” The voice on the other end of the call was ice cold. “I’ll give you one day of time. If you can’t do it in 24 hours, then you will receive a package.”

Chang Qing shivered, and the other guy already hung up the call. Furious, Chang Qing directly threw his phone against the wall.

Joseph sneered on the side. “Didn’t you say you have some spy in the police station? How did you guys screw up this time? I really don’t know why the underground money house picked you guys to work with. Why are you still in this game if you don’t have the capabilty?”

Chang Qing replied, “This time, if it wasn’t for the eye I planted at the police station, we would’ve been entirely wiped out! Besides, you think it’s so easy to bribe an insider into working with you? We’ve been doing too well recently, you think the police don’t know they have moles? The moment we bribe someone to work with us, the guy would get eliminated. Now, it’s already very hard to get someone to work with us.”

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