Chapter 120: Dogfight (Part two)

“Okay, we will fill up the 1.5 billion dollar loss for now, and I give you 3 years to pay off this debt. On top of that, you have to put one of your casinos as collateral,” Hetian said.

Changqing: “Okay, but I need to give the money to the clients right away. Do you have any way we can do so? The police already have eyes on me, but my phone is encrypted so it should be fine. However, I can’t use my men because everyone’s under the police’s surveillance. I need you to directly get into contact with the two clients and return the money in private.”

Most of the underground money was black money and couldn’t be wired, especially with amounts this big. So, a large portion of the funds of the underground money houses were in cash form, and they could only deliver the cash in person.

On the other end, Hetian paused for a moment and said, “Okay, but you can only do it our way. I will get someone to prepare the money and send to our designated location, but you must bring over the transaction book of our business dealings and a transfer agreement of one casino. Also, I need you to come with a signed borrowing contract. Remember, you have to fulfill all the conditions, and if you dare to play with me, then you won’t get a cent. You have no other choice, and I also don’t want to get myself involved in this dirty water. It’s up to you if you want to accept this deal.”

Chang Qing replied without even thinking for an extra second, “I accept.”

Hetian: “Okay, tonight a freighter will dock at East Gate Port’s F terminal at 6. You will need to get your people to hurry over and we will hand the cash as you hand my people the documents. 6 o’clock sharp, if my people don’t see your guys, the ship will leave right away. They won’t wait for even a second. Get your men ready.”

Chang Qing gritted his teeth. “Okay.”

Then, Hetian directly hung up the call.

Xu Cheng looked at his watch. It was already 3, so there were only 3 hours left.

Just at this moment, Li Chao came over in his car. Then, he opened Xu Cheng’s passenger seat door and got in. The windows were all tinted, so people on the outside couldn’t see the interior of the car. He took out the burger, drink, and fries. “Boss, this is your lunch.”

Xu Cheng took over the burger and began eating in big bites, and then he swallowed after taking a sip of coke as he said to Li Chao, “Dial Captain Ran’s number for me.”

Li Chao nodded, took Xu Cheng’s phone, dialed Ran Jing’s number, and put it against Xu Cheng’s ear.

After the line connected, Ran Jing’s voice flew over, “Yo, nice, you quietly stirred up a rather big sh*t storm, West Gate really got screwed by you. Their largest casino is closed, and their business license got revoked. Conservatively speaking, they lost at least a few billion yuan.”

Xu Cheng said as he ate his hamburger, “I don’t want to hurt them, I’m going straight for the kill! Help me out, tonight I need you to give me a green light.”

Ran Jing asked curiously, “What’s happening?”

Xu Cheng: “A big fish is docking at East Gate’s port, which is under your jurisdiction. I’m going to lay my hands on them there.”

Ran Jing pondered for a moment and asked, “Are you confident? Or is the news accurate? You know that once the police pull a big operation there, it will affect my case on East Gate and they will become more alert.”

Xu Cheng: “I’m calling to ask because I’m 80% sure that this operation will run smoothly.”

Ran Jing: “Okay, I will tell my men to withdraw and leave everything to your Team 2.”

Xu Cheng: “Thanks.”

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