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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 121.1

Chapter 121: They Checked, But I Haven’t (Part one)

After Xu Cheng was full, Li Chao, who was looking at him this whole time, finally asked, “Are we f*cking sh*t up tonight?”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Notify everyone, go to F Terminal of the East Gate port and set up an ambush there. Tonight at 6, a ship is docking and it has a large amount of cash on board.”

Li Chao nodded. Then, he hurriedly packed everything up from Xu Cheng’s car and drove his own car back to the police station. Xu Cheng held his drink and looked at Chang Qing’s villa, faintly smiling.

So what if you have eyes in the police system? I can see through you all.

After Chang Qing contacted Hetian, he called his other three bros. Now, he wasn’t sure if the other three had been tailed by the police, but he also didn’t trust the others enough.

After the call finally went through to Second Bro Vermilion Bird, Chang Qing anxiously asked, “What’s happening on your end?”

“We are fine here, there’s no police in the vicinity watching us, we checked. Bro, what happened?”

Chang Qing’s face turned grim. “Someone probably leaked the plan, and we didn’t get to transfer the funds away in time when the police raided the casino. Now the clients and money were both detained.”

“That’s 1.5 billion yuan of black money, what should we do?”

“Humph, Hetian, that Wei peasant, actually wanted to burn the bridge and let us deal with the two big clients ourselves. Thank god we kept our transaction details on record and could threaten him with it. Now, he’s temporarily lending us 1.5 billion yuan, but we need to put something up as collateral first. Now I don’t trust anyone in West Gate, and I already have police watching me so I can’t move without being exposed. You three go and tell East Gate that we will be borrowing their port tonight. At 6 PM sharp, go to Terminal F and wait for Hetian’s ship that will be docking there to deliver the cash. Then, we will use that cash and pay our clients back first through the underground money house.”
“Where did you put the transaction book?”

“At the safe in our old home.”

“Okay, we are running out of time, I will start getting things arranged right away.” After Vermillion Bird hung up the call, he went with the other two bros to their old home in a hurry. Their old home was basically a nest where they used to live in the past, and it was a village house.

After getting the stuff, the three brought about 20 or so West Gate gangsters and arrived at East Gate’s port. The guy at the gate immediately stopped them and came over with a couple of East Gate workers at the port, smiling and greeting them, “Three Masters, is there anything we can help you with?”

From the car, Vermilion Bird lowered the car window and handed out a cheque. “Do us a favor.”

The manager bitterly smiled. “It’s not that I don’t want to, but you also know that the police are watching West Gate very closely right now, and our East Gate isn’t completely clean either. Please don’t spread the fire over to us as well.”

Vermilion Bird took a look at the watch. There was still 20 minutes left until the ship arrives. Immediately, his face revealed a little displeasure. “Sanpi, we are on the same boat. I don’t have to explain to you, you and your boss probably know what would happen to you if West Gate’s doomed.”

At this moment, Black Tortoise got off the car and said to that manager, a bit impatiently, “How about just directly call your boss for us? Little Kid, did your boss not teach you manners?”

Sanpi also got a bit furious. “Then I will deliver the message my boss wanted me to tell you. We can do you the favor, but East Gate will have to become a shareholder of one of your casinos.”

Black Tortoise immediately grabbed that guy’s collar in a bout of fury. “Do you have the balls to say that again?”

He directly displayed his domineering manner and his sense of superiority, but Sanpi seemed to have big balls too, not becoming scared of these three men that were once legends in the underground world. He still gritted his teeth and said, “If West Gate falls, then it might as well give East Gate a lift.”

“West Gate wouldn’t fall even if East Gate does!” Black Tortoise pushed him away and gave him a glare. “Just wait and see.”

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